Friday, October 31, 2008

Portland Childrens Museum

Yesterday we went to Portland Children's Museum. They have a new Bob the Builder exhibit. Grayson loved it! He loves trucks and tractors and tools and anything remotely manly. :) We love going there and have membership and since its about 20 minutes away its an easy jaunt. Even easier now that gas has gone back down to a reasonable price! (Our Costco is about $2 right now! too bad I have nowhere to stock pile gas!)

Grayson with "Scoop"
digging in the rubber pit
explaining or asking, not sure which, where the balls go when they are sucked up
in the water play area, we save this for last.
He loves it but he ends up soaked!


Heidi said...

We drove by there on Tuesday but went to the zoo instead. The weather was too good to pass up! My boys would have loved it! I hope they still have Bob the Builder when we are back at Christmas!

Amy H said...

Now that I have discovered "Out of This World" I have told myself, no need to go back to the Children's Museum. But I forgot about the Bob The Builder exhibit! Matthew will totally love that. He also loves that Dig Pit. Could stay in there all day! =)