Sunday, October 12, 2008

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Photos

Emma, our photographer, sent us a few photos and while I have been checking my email on the hour since we got home they have been sitting in my spam box. Stupid spam.

If you don't know about Now I lay me down to sleep .com you have to visit them. They were started 3 odd years ago when Cheryl and her husband had lost their son Maddox. Now they have 6000 photographers all over the country helping to bring families lasting memories in one of the worst times of their lives. I know these have helped us.

If you are feeling generous I urge you to make a donation to this wonderful organization. That is what makes it free to families, that and the awesome photographers who are on call around the clock to donate their time to do this.

I think I speak for all the families who have been blessed with gorgeous photos like these, Thank you.

I just couldn't keep these gorgeous photos to myself. :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Zach, Jaimey, and Grayson,

The photos brought tears to my eyes! You are an amazingly beautiful strong family! Your tender hearts, loving spirit, courageous bravery speak a million words about The Buquet Family! We don't always know the "whys" of unfortunate circumstances, but you have risen above it with the love and strength that encompasses your life! Zach your letter to Jonathan was beautiful and Jaimey your delivery story was remarkable. Your little angel is so delicate, so precious, and that picture shows how peaceful, content, and happy he was to be with you!

Carli Webb said...

Thank you so much for sharing! They are so beautiful and he looks like an angel!

Marlyn said...

I'm so glad you shared those. Beautiful. Oh, you wonderful family. Many hugs and kisses.

Shari Ashwell said...

I was prepared to see him but what I didn't even think of was his size. For some reason that never entered my mind. I think that detail is what took me aback. I love you guys and so wish I could be there.

Kim said...

I'm so happy you were able to get some photos of your little angel. What an awesome organization. I'm headed over there now to check it out.

In Peace, Light and Love,

artfulwhimsies said...

May you all walk peacefully through life knowing that God has provided a gorgeous little angel to be right there with you at all times. What a beautiful family.

Heather said...

He's sooo tiny!! So sweet Jaimey!! He is a wonderful angel and those pictures are gorgeous!! How lucky we all are for knowing Jonathan even for that short time!!

Amy H said...

Oh Jaimey, he is just so beautiful and precious. Thank you for sharing those photos. I wish I had something great to say in response to your 'blah' blog, but it's hard to know what to say. Know that I feel for you and still pray for you and Zach and Grayson daily.

Em said...

I'm so glad that I could be there for you guys. I'm sending over Zach's special photo right now!

Reversed Lens Photography

-stephanie- said...

what an amazing miracle.

vixen kitten said...

Hi Jaimey,

I'm not sure how I stumbled on your blog. I'm just so glad I did.

Thank you for sharing your story and the gorgeous photos of your little angel.