Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sign Language adventures

Grayson and his buddy Jimmy.
We got this pumpkin, it has a great handle! Like "my" hat?

Grayson and Molly

Today we went to Lake View Farms with our American Sign Language group. We meet once a week either at our friend Darla's house or ours or at a fun place to practice sign language and teach others. I started signing to G at birth and he started signing back to me "milk" at 5 months. He only knew the one sign though so he signed it for EVERYTHING! He now knows and regularly does about 20-25 signs (he has more words though)

We had a great time finding our little pumpkins. This is the first time G has been to the pumpkin patch and could walk so it was fun to get pictures of him walking along the patch, though he would have preferred I hold his hand the whole time.

Tomorrow off to Roloff Farms with the fam!


Shari Ashwell said...

I love your pumpkin hat Jaimey! I am so glad you have the time to write these blogs! I am addicted to finding out what the Buquet family is doing next. If you get a chance, pop in and say hi. (no pressure though)love you

The Wolfe Family said...

Oh, those are great photos (love the hat). You'll have to tell me how the Roloff Farms is. I'm curious as what the hype is all about (besides their tv show). We're going to go to Bagenstoss (sp.) farms off of Scholls today. I'm taking my kids, the twins & Angie & her boys are going along as well! Anyhow, have a FABULOUS time today at the pumpkin patch!

Geneva said...

Your child - matching hat and sweater. My child - lumberjack. :)

Heidi said...

Oh that makes me soooo homesick! I love Lakeview Farms! (In high school I dated the owners son.) Lots of memories of that place pre-kids and post-kids! We will be in PDX next week for a wedding so I hope to get out there when we are in town.