Monday, October 20, 2008

Jonathan's Memorial Garden

This last Thursday was Zack's 30th birthday and he decided that for his birthday money from his mom he wanted to plant a Jonathan Memorial Garden in the front yard. With all the family in tow we went to Home Depot and bought plants. Eveyone (Melissa, Warren, Allie, Linda- Zack and Mel's mom and our little family) was able to pick one that they loved to put in the garden. It turned out really gorgeous.
We had discussed doing a fountain but we were unable to find one to fit in our limited budget so we decided to do it next spring. Saturday after everyone left to go back to San Diego Zack was out running errands and picked up all the pieces for the one pictured. He made this one in our garage! I love how it turned out and can't wait until its totally finished.

Zack's mom bought us the stone to memorialize Jonathan in a personal way with his little name plate on it. It all turned out so well.As a side note, those who are interested who may have not have heard... This Saturday is Jonathan's Memorial at our house. It's an open house from 3-6. If you are interested in more information, email me at


1snappyfamily said...

Yeah!!! It looks absolutely beautiful!

Love you guys!

Mel, War, and Al

Shari Ashwell said...

what a beautiful idea

Janet said...

Just beautiful, and your memory stone is wonderful. So happy to have had a great visit and share hugs and time together!


Random Steph said...

I totally forgot to say something when I was there for 4.3 minutes this evening, but the garden looks fabulous. Your pictures don't even do it justice. It's beautiful.

Megg said...

What a beautiful garden and lovely way to remember.