Friday, October 10, 2008

Our delivery part 1

The lovely flowers Stephanie brought when she came to visit me on Tuesday.

So everyone already knows that we went in for induction on Tuesday at 7:30 am but what they don't know is how awesome the hospital staff was to us. My perinatologist, Dr. Friedman, had set up an amazing plan for us. He came shortly after I got checked in and set up, and told me the plan of attack was to give me a cervix softening drug called Misoprostol for as long as it was working. It was the slow way but it was the only way to guarantee that my uterus didn't rupture.

I hung out there through every 6 hour doses of Miso, slowly making progress. It was great to hear at another check that I was another 2-4 cm more. (sorry for all the TMI!) Being that this was a Vbac (vaginal birth after Cesarean) I was just elated to be doing it and be progressing much more than with Grayson. (77 hours and only getting to 6 cm and then a C section) I so appreciated that Dr. Friedman wanted to have it slow and steady and no preassure on my body.
My friends Diana and Corie who came to visit. Diana was actually with my ALL Wednesday rubbing my back through contractions and my feet and keeping my legs moving when I'd had my epidural. I love my friends!

After 24 hours of hanging out I was having pretty steady contractions I was in pretty steady pain and finally relented to an epidural. I had been stuck in bed anyway cause the pain was so constant and the only relief I had was a drug that lasts about an hour but after ever subsequent dose it gets less and less. It was not too effective. I was also using boiling hot water packs on my tummy to feel better and those were great. (thank you amazing nursing staff who would bring me those!) Luckily I was at 8 cm dilated so I was already past where I stopped with G. I was feeling great.
Visiting with G when Melissa,Alison, Jesse, his gf Melissa and Grayson came to see us.

Finally I took a nap. Later that afternoon (Wednesday) I was dilated to 10 YEAH! I had finally gotten there. I was elated. I felt like nothing could stop me from having my Vbac now. It was such a high. Now I just wanted to meet my baby and I was getting impatient.

And on that note I am going to bed. I am pooped. I will finish it tomorrow. I was going to just post it all as one tomorrow and a put off tonight but I figured a little more anticipation never hurt anyone. :)


Random Hiccups said...

I grew up in Hillsboro and when I saw that you live there I paused to read your blog. I found your story very inspirational! Keep at it! Your story is one worth telling!

Heidi said...

Ahh ya bugger! Just when I was getting into the story! :) Glad to see you up and talking about it! Get your rest!

Karen said...

I just came here from Dana's site. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful journey with us. I will be back.

Amy H said...

I am SO glad you were able to have a v-bac! That's one thing that I kept praying for. Hey, is that one drug you had that kept wearing off called Staydol? (sp?) Because I had that drug at one point when I was in labor with Matthew and it did wonders in giving me a slight break for a few hours...
I'll look forward to hearing the rest of your story.