Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We have been receiving tons of E-mails and comments and thank everyone for keeping up and thinking about us.

Jaimey is doing much better now as she finally agreed to allow the Dr's to give her an epidural. She
fought the idea for some time but after 3 different Dr's told her that it would not negatively affect the process she agreed. They told her that after 24 hours of really tough contractions due to the induction anyone would want some pain relief.

We will be getting another "check" at 2 and will have a better idea of how things are progerssing. The Dr's have been worried about pushing things too fast as they dont want to rupture her uterus due to Graysons Birth.

I know that there are many people wanting more info and I apologise that we have not been very accessable. We turned off the hospital phone and Jaimey has not been able to answer calls or emails lately.

I will continue to post updates and will try to get out info as soon as we get it.

Thanks again for all of the love, prayers and support.

We will continue to anxiously await for the moment that we get to meet our son Jonathan Mitchell, and hope that we are only lucky enough to get to have at least a little time with him. If anything you would think that we would get as much time as Jaimey is in labor to spend with our son, but unfortunatly it does not work that way.



Random Steph said...

Thanks so much for the update. I know that Jaimey and her labor is much more important than blog posts, all the same, myself and all the other gals at gDiapers keep asking each other if we've heard/seen anything. Totally thinking about you all. Best wishes for an "easier" delivery and hopefully lots and lots of beautiful time with Jonathan.

Michael said...

I love you brother:) Jonathan couldn't have picked better parents to share his life with!! He has touched the hearts and lives of us as far away as Texas. I'm praying for you guys!

Linda Buquet said...

It sounds like things are picking up and you will soon be able to meet your precious child. It case things start moving really fast, just wanted to write a quick note to let you both know again, I'm thinking of you constantly and wishing now I was there! But I'll be there next week.

Still praying for the best outcome possible and am sending angels to watch over family during the birth and after when you get to meet Jonathan.

Love you all! Hug Jonathan for me!