Sunday, January 31, 2010

A weighty issue

I used to be that girl. One of the ones in high school who could eat anything and not gain an ounce. I maintained my 5'9", 100-120 (after boobs and hips) for all of high school. I was asked almost daily if I was anorexic. I was the one I would today glare at as she walked her super skinny self past me. (I'm rude I know)

For the record, No, not then nor have I ever had an eating disorder... unless eating too much crap is my disorder then well yup, I've got it.

Then I grew up and got married at 22. I gained a smidgen of weight but not enough to write home about. I was still that girl.

Fast forward 5 years and I did what any happily married woman does. I went and had a kid.
That will REALLY screw with your body. I am sure I don't need to tell you. I am sure many of you are nodding your head in agreement with me.

I gained 40 lbs while I was pregnant with Grayson. I remember going to one of my early appointments with my midwife her saying something to the effect of "what are you eating?! um, maybe you should cut out the juice and calorie filled drinks..." I gained 25 lbs by 20 weeks or so. I did taper off from there but I could tell she was a little worried she might have to roll me into the delivery room, like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I lost 20 lbs of "the Grayson weight" but 20 stuck like glue.

No longer was I that girl.

Jonathan's pregnancy I gained 10 lbs, but I was only pregnant 26.5 weeks. I blame stress. I lost it all immediately but those 20 previous still stuck.
Jaxon's pregnacy I gained 8 lbs.

And in the two weeks since I gave birth to Jaxon, I have lost all of the weight I gained with him. Not hard to do when the baby you gave birth to weighed more than you gained. :) But on top of that I have lost.... wait for it... another 15!

I have lost 23 lbs in the last 2 weeks. Best weight loss plan... working my a$ off literally at T and being pregnant. The scale goes backwards!

I have 5 lbs to go before I hit pre- GRAYSON weight. A weight I have not seen in 3+ years. And who knows if it will stay off. See comment on crap above... I like my sweets. A LOT.

But for right this minute, I feel like that girl again.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Guess what?!

I have been sitting on a secret. I guess after so much crap in the last year(s) we have finally started just waiting until we know things for sure before we announce. It's sad really. But thankfully I am able to announce that Zack got a job! And not just a call center to bring in a little dough while looking for something else, a real job. That he is excited about. He starts Monday!

I have begun the countdown of how long I have off before I have to go back to T. Though now it will probably be nights and weekends since I would be working solely to pay daycare otherwise. Literally. We are pretty sure the new job's hours are 6am-3pm which would be prefect for me to be able to work eves. And of coarse I will have my nanny job, at which I am supposed to start back in 3 weeks.


In other news, I am feeling better. Last I reported was our birth story when I mentioned I felt like I had been sawed in two and put back together backwards. I am feeling better. Definitely not 100% but better. I can move without holding my breath and crying out. I am trying not to overdo it. But as I am me and that is just not how I roll... I went to the grocery store yesterday.

By myself.

For a full-on-packed-cart trip.

Apparently forgetting that carts get heavy.
It was too much. I was very tired and about half way through the canned food isle I realized what an idiot I was. I felt faint.

Damn that missing blood!

I am pretty sure the bags of canned food are still sitting on the floor next to the pantry waiting for me to put them away.


Jaxon is doing great.
We went to the mother/baby nurse last Thursday to make sure all was well, as is standard Kaiser procedure. He had lost 7oz in the "hostible" (hospital) as Grayson calls it, and he was 8lbs 12 oz already!

Then this Tuesday we went to our breast feeding support group (*boob group from here on out) and I weighed him to see if my infant scale that I bought was close/the same. I plopped him on there not expecting much. Yeah! 8lbs 14 oz! Woohoo back to birth weight. Nursed him and weighed again. Another oz. But this time I did a double take... um not 8 lbs...9lbs 15 oz!!! Holy Crap fat baby Batman!

The pediatrician was very pleased today when he weighed him and got the same (Jaxon had a onsie and diaper on the other day when I weighed him- I knew it was a bit off) he commented that I grow them well or something... Mind you, our Ped is about as old as dirt and reminds me of a miniature British Herman Munster from the Munsters. He is amazing and warm and we love him. We have had him since G was 3 days old and boy am I glad I stumbled on him.

Off to go feed my baby some Mama-buttermilk! :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daddy's boy

Jaxon gets these very serious looks on his face. Could be gas.
Could be confusion at all the new things. Could be he can't see a damn thing beyond 12 inches.

We like to think its because he is a genious, pondering world peace and cures for cancer.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Tiny g's for a Tiny J

Recently we were given some tiny g's.
They are about the cutest thing EVER!
They can be used with flushables or with a cloth insert, which is what we are using.

They ride low, perfectly protecting "stumpy".

(and there are his cute little bird legs!)
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Our favorite place

This is SO much better than work!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heading home

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Jaxon Day 1

Here is the little man.
I am told he looks more like me.

Daddy's feet for sure!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Reiki Doula

I had been looking for a Doula for quite a while. I posted here, Facebook, and The
No leads that actually got anywhere.

I had looked on Craigslist. A ton.
Then one day, near the end of my pregnancy I saw an ad that caught my attention.
It was for Reiki Massage Doula service.

Reiki is basically healing with energy. I have always found alternative medicine fascinating, so I met with Shannon. She told me a bit about Reiki, about Massage and her life and family. Our second meeting was at our house. She came to do a massage before we decided to proceed as her as our Doula.

She was at our house over two hours doing a massage and some Reiki at the end. It was AMAZING.

I can't praise Shannon and her skills enough! She was amazing and supportive and fantastic.
She let me lead what I needed and offered suggestions when I ran out. She tirelessly massaged and touched me for hours and hours- close to 20. She rested a bit when I did, but if I needed her she was there. Completely.

If you are in the Portland area and need a masseur, birth doula or Reiki please contact Shannon.
You can contact her from here:
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jaxon's Birth story ~Looonnng~

Jaxon's birth started like I had always hoped and as I had never actually known it would. I had woken up that day thinking something felt "off", I wasn't sure what, but something was different. I told Zack not to expect anything exciting but that things felt weird. "antsy but lazy, calm but easily annoyed and very restless" was how I described it throughout the day.

I was at work with my nanny kids, having not had any contractions at all that day, even going to play at the children's pizza play land had brought on very few. We came home to their house and everyone went down for a rest. At 2:30 pm I sat down to rest and catch the last few minutes of General Hospital, I felt the first two contractions. 10 minutes apart. I would not have noticed the first if the second had not come on so quickly and if both weren't so long (about a min) I watched them for a 30-45 minutes when I decided they were getting longer/stronger. This was probably it.

I texted Zack and told him what was going on. Then I texted my boss and said I thought things were moving and he should start packing it up and head home. He said he was on his way. I went about the house, picking things up and getting ready to go home. Watching the contractions come and go as I walked. Zack and I formed a plan. I would head home with G and take a shower and we could reassess before we took G to our friends house.

It got revised by the time I walked in the door. The contractions were 8-9 minutes apart and about 1 min long. While I showered Zack took Gray to our friends house. (THANKS GRETCHEN!!)

I got out and finished gathering the last of the things we needed and off we went. I had planned on laboring at home as much as possible but last Tuesday I was told I was 4 cm and 80% effaced, meaning it could go very quickly or not at all. It took over and hour and half to get our designated hospital.

At 7:45 when we walked in we was greeted by my Doula- Shannon (more on her later) and we all preceded in together. I was checked and told I was 5 cm and 100%. They were about 4 minutes apart by this point.

I was admitted and I settled into my room for the night. I labored on a birth ball and in a giant heated tub as I had planned with Shannon massaging me the whole time, Zack helping when he was comfortable. When the tub got to be too much I headed back to my room. I was checked again and told I was still a 5cm "my 5" the midwife told us. That was about 10. I was very uncomfortable and doubting that I would be able to do this. I doubted I wanted him out at all. I begged the Universe to just shut it down and hang on to him in there!
From 10:30pm-12am I managed to get from 5 cm- (the same MW's) 8/9cm! I had a few rounds of IV med's to help with the pain.

3 am came and I was still miserable. I had been laboring for 12 hours at this point. I had not given up hope that he would come sometime soon, vaginally. I continued to labor on the birth ball. It was the most comfortable position. I was checked again and told I was still at 8/9cm.
We decided to break my water. I decided to have an epidural not much later, I was very sleepy and very uncomfortable. I just didn't feel like my natural pain receptors were filtering as much as I needed them to be. Not long later I was checked again and was 9.5 cm.

About 6am the midwife came in and said that OB wanted to talk to us too. She recommended that we start Pitocin in my IV to see if we could get that last bit of cervix to thin out and make baby's head further down into my pelvis as he had yet to engage. I burst into sobs. I had not wanted to have ANY interventions and to me this was the one that would send me into c section land. Pit had done it before I was sure. (and it may have- but I don't know)

Turns out on part of it I was right. 3 hours later the OB came back in to tell me they recommended a C section, that my body wasn't cooperating and because baby's heart rate had dropped with every contraction since about midnight they felt that it was the most beneficial for both of us. I finally relented.

More tears.

I felt SO defeated! I could not make myself feel like less than a failure. This child was SUPPOSED to come out naturally and it was supposed to be beautiful. Now it was a mess and there was no going back.

I prepped for surgery and was wheeled in after a hug from Shannon, a kiss from Zack and a pat from the doctors. I felt like I was having an out of body experience. I was told what was happening as things were done to me. The OB was great, the nurses were fantastic and all went well. It was a very long surgery though, more than 2 hours compared to a usually (Grayson's) 40 minutes procedure because I had a lot of scar tissue that had adhered to everything after Grayson's surgery.

It should not prevent any further children but the Dr. does recommend I not try for another Vbac and make sure to have the next Dr. read my charts from this surgery first.

Picture a hacksaw through skin.

That's what it felt like.

Yes, felt like. My epidural had not gone as evenly as we would have liked, and from laboring on my right side not long before the decision was made to have a C section, it was even less so by the time I got into the operating room. Luckily, I had an amazing anesthesiology nurse who kept me very comfortable when I told her I could feel things.

By the time I was finished it was well over 2 hours and I had lost about 1800 cc's (?) of blood. I ended up having a transfusion later that day.

Jaxon Ryan made it into the world at 10:38 am. As he was coming out someone on the other side of the curtain said "Well no wonder! He was NOT coming out vaginally no matter what!"

It turns out his cord was wrapped tightly around his tummy 3 times. He was stuck. My attitude changed in that moment from it being all about me not getting what I wanted, to thank goodness he is ok! No, its not what I would have liked and now I feel like I was filleted and put back together backwards but at the end of the day he is here.

He is healthy and he is mine.

Thank you for all the email hugs and support and FB love you all have shared in the last few days! We really appreciate it!

Jaxon Ryan
8lb 14 oz
22.5 inches long
14.5 inche head

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jaxon Videos

Hello everyone this is Zack. I am at home with Grayson for tonight and J and J should be home tomorrow.

Here is a link to some videos of Jaxon.

We will add more over time.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jaxon Ryan

Introducing Jaxon Ryan!
Born at 10:58am 1-16-10
8 lbs, 14 oz and 22.5" long,
14.5 inch head.

He was delivered via c section after a 20 hour labor. More later and birth story to follow when we are home.

Friday, January 15, 2010


In labor and headed to the hospital. About 2:20pm contractions started at about 10 min apart, 1 min each. Now 4 minutes apart, stronger but about the same length. Wish us luck! Keep you posted!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Delurker Day 2010!

I had no idea they had a real day for this until I read a friends blog! I usually just call you out on my own every now and then but hey since its here and I know you are too... come on out and show yourself! :)

If you do I will tell you when I have this sweet little bundle of joy! Oh wait. hmmm. Okay you win, I'll tell you anyway. But seriously come out, say hi, what can it hurt?

40 weeks!!

(lets try that photo again- shall we!)
Still no baby! No major contractions. :(
And I even just reinstalled 2 carseats and a booster seat and vacuumed my van out! You'd think it would have done something. Eventually, he HAS to leave right?!

(as I fix the sideways and way too big photo- from my blogwriter on my phone- I am having some contractions and am feeling more pokies. We shall see. Tonight would be inconvenient so of coarse he will come! 5:01pm :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1 day to go! {39 weeks/ 6 days}

Well, today is mostly over and I have not had my third baby yet. :)
I was a little hopeful that I would at least end up at the hospital since my midwife will be there and she could finally after 5 years and 3 babies, deliver ONE!

Alas, the "things" we have tried today have not brought it on. At the Children's Museum I ended up sitting most of the time as I was just plain uncomfortable, then things calmed down. He seems lower but he isn't moving out yet.

In other news, Grayson's 3rd birthday seems to have made him very happy. I don't think he really understood why he had no friends for a party, but we promised a 1/2 year party at the park with a pinata so that made him happy. And it may happen sooner than that, but its really hard to plan a party when you have no idea if you can be there or not!

This morning I made pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. Then we packed up all our hospital gear (just in case since I was having so many pains.) and headed to the Children's Museum for a few hours. He had a great time playing in the water area

and the different exhibits including Clifford the Big red dog. One of his faves!

After we left there we went to McDonald's where it became very evident that I am officially OLD! We were there when the high school across the street apparently got out. Two large groups "stormed" the place. One taking over the small child area, including rolling around the play log. This is where Grayson had been attempting to play, so this immediately grumpified (YES ITS A WORD!) me. I watched for a few more minutes, noticing another group sitting closer to us, thinking I was staring AT them because their big heads were in the way of me seeing my child.
We told G we had to go, who immediately got upset because he had been asking for a week to go there. (He says "So, I have been thinking... we should go to McDonald's!)

I went to find the manager. See, I told you I am OLD! By-by teenagers. Sad. I just don't remember being that disrespectful to general people around me. They were not even buying anything- not one of them. Just taking over. So obnoxious and inappropriate.

Once we were home my brother came over to give G his gift. A very cool car ramp that G loves. He had already opened a puzzle from my friend Di and her son Jeremiah and later the family I nanny for came over to drop off a gift and play a bit. They gave him a fun toy tool set.

A bit later we opened all the other gifts that had accumulated from Zack's mom: Melissa and Doug food and cookies for his kitchen, and pan set, a M&D car track thingy and stamp set. From his great grand parents: a cute outfit and from us (and Santa's Helper- random money that came in the mail at Christmas- thank you!): 7 shirts and a cardigan sweater from Gymboree's huge sale right before Christmas. It was up to 60% off already and I had a 20% off coupon plus free shipping. Makes it cheaper to buy there than Target! (and SO much cuter!) Also a few pair of pants and the cutest boots from Children's Place. I also had similar coupon codes for there. I love a good deal! I love this pic. "clothes- meh! movin right along to the good stuff!"

We also got him 2 sets of markers, a few books and a superman dvd. And I made him a game called Bucket Toss. Which is just what it sounds like. A clear paint bucket with handmade bean bags to throw into it. He loves that!

For dinner G wanted pancakes- again- but a close runner up is hotdogs, which the barely touched. sigh. I had big plans to make an Elmo ice cream cake but it didn't happen. We ended up buying a small one from Baskin Robin. Way easier. Between that and the "cake" of rice crispy treats Di brought over (our family fave!) we are sweeted out!

Then off to bed. He was a very tired boy. I took a fantastically hot bath and hoped for contractions. Nope. Sit here typing having less than I was this morning. But I guess at least the boys won't share a birthday. :)

3 years as a Mommy

Three years ago today I became a mommy. In that time I have learned many things:

~ I have learned that while a nanny can love a child with all her heart, it takes being a mommy to know how deep that love can go. There is just no end.

~ I have learned that while children are expensive and need a lot, the only things they really require are unconditional love and cuddles. Oh and kisses on boo boos.

~ Children will ALWAYS make a liar out of you. (thanks Gretchen)

~ Everyday is an adventure, you just never know what it will bring.

~ I can handle more than I ever thought possible.

~ I have learned that sleep is a luxury after children.

~ Being selfish is just NOT optional.

~ I have learned that cleaning is futile when there is a toddler is your house. They just have different ideas about clean and organized.

~ I have learned that while I thought I was creative I never knew how it would affect my ability to get someone to eat their vegis!

~ You can lead a child to ( the potty/ food/ their bed) but you can NOT MAKE them (pee- poop/ eat/ sleep)

~ So many times a day I think to myself... My parents are SO laughing their asses off right about now.

I love being a mom. I have always known it was what I wanted to do with my life and there would be nothing greater that I would ever achieve. I hope that my children grow to be compassionate, loving, responsible, able, caring, healthy, productive members of society as adults. And from who G is today I think we might just get them there.

Dear Grayson~ You make me so proud to be your mommy. Every day you grow into a sweeter, my amazing boy who makes my heart flutter every time you giggle. I love that you are so friendly and helpful. I love that you love life and love to explore anything and everything you come across. I love that right now you ask WHY when you want to know something and when you have not been satisfied by our answers you follow that with a "What kind of___?" and continue until we are exhausted or your curiosity is.

Having you in my life makes me want to be better at being a mommy and wife and better in life. You have completed me in a way I never knew could be filled so full. I love you more and more everyday. Happy Birthday sweet, amazing boy! ~Mommy

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2 days to go {39 weeks/ 5 days}

I bet some of you thought a missed post meant I was in labor didn't you? No such luck! Which since G's 3rd bday is tomorrow I'm not all that sad.

We are planning just a nice family day with it being ALL about G. First thing we will eat whatever G wants for breakfast. Then head to the Portland childrens museum. Our library has family passes you can check out. Yay free! Then presents, dinner and cake in the early eve!

Today I went to my midwife appointment and got checked (bleh) but was VERY surprised when she told me I was 80% effaced and a roomy 4 cm dilated!! Woohoo!!

I could sit there for another week but we both doubt it. I am hopeful for Friday eve ( cause it would be convienent) but since when is anything like this ever happen for convienence?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

4 days to go! {39 weeks/ 3 days}

Today was a lovely day! About 1130 we decided to change out of pj's and get moving, since I am feeling very sloth like and movement might cause movement from the Hotdog... I had said we would go to the park down the street and just enjoy the day but as we walked out Zack asked if I thought it'd be fun to into Portland and do something.

We rarely do this. Sadly. So I said yes.
We ended up going to Washington Park, which is where the Zoo and Children's museum as well as some other fun attractions are. We went to play in the huge children's play park.

This building housed the restroom- and you know pregnant woman- I know every restroom in a 5 mile radius! Anyway, it was originally the Elephant house at the original Oregon Zoo which was housed there from 1880-1925. It is the only original structure left over from the original zoo.

It is covered in cool mosaic animals and inside is this amazing elephant "carving".

When G had had enough of the park we went to find somewhere to get some grub. We rarely eat out and even more rare is to eat out in Portland. We drove to the gorgeous NW 23rd ave. which is full of shops and yummy eateries. We drove until we found one that look like it tickled our fancy, settling on Rose's Deli and Bakery.

It wasn't until after we sat down and were there a while that I realized it is THE Rose's that is on almost every MUST EAT at list for Portland. OMG! It so lived up to the "hype". Zack and I split the Philly Cheese Sandwich and the French Dip. Both were AMAZING! And we are both picky on those. The meat inside was not fatty at all (the problem with the last ones we had. Gagging amounts of fat- bleh) They were juicy without being soggy and cheesy without being overwhelming! If you are in the area I HIGHLY recommend! (And no I am not suddenly a food critic and am not getting anything out of that rec)

While we were there I saw in the glass case next to all the 8 inch tall cakes and other delicious looking treats, a rocky road brownie. L-O-V-E. We were already spending "too much" so I decided to go home and find a recipe. To be honest I found a recipe while I waited for our food. Turned out I had everything for it at home.

Grayson got to lick the beater for my mixer. He was quite proud of himself.

And these are the finished (uncooled) product.

Recipe review: EASY! I bet anyone who bakes EVER has all of the ingredients on hand. The brownies were moist and chewy- just the way I like them. They didn't cut easily but I didn't wait for them to be totally cooled either. I will make them in individual cups next time, probably a Demarle muffin tray or something. Overall- YUM A LUM!! 2 sticky thumbs up! :)

Oh and btw: this basic brownie recipe (before the toppings are added) may take me away from ANY boxed brownie mix ever again. It's that easy and good.
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

5 days to go! {39 weeks/ 2 days} TMI WARNING!

Last night was quite an adventure. For a while I thought for sure we were going to have a baby today. I decided to try *one of the things we had already tried before* (saving the gory details- my DAD reads after all!) and not long after I was having some good contractions. Every 3-4 minutes for about 30-40 seconds to be exact.

At about 30 minutes of this I texted my friend/ neighbor Jamie, who has home birthed 2 or 3 of her 5 kiddos at home in a birth tub. I just wanted to know at what point are they considered real contractions. The obvious answer is they are real when a child is produced but since I have never gone into labor on my own I have no idea what real (no induction drugs to thank) contractions feel like or how they act.

Jamie came over to massage my (k)ankles and see if we could get them to keep going and be real labor. This is the second of these acupressure massages she has given me. And Zack also did some pressure point pressing the other night so by now my (k)ankles have a bruise or two.
By 1am they were dissipating a bit (started about 11) but not enough for me to sleep. I ended up falling asleep about 230, though between 1-230 I had fewer but very strong contractions.

I woke up to nothing.



I did lose my mucus plug or part of it today though so maybe sooner than later!

Aren't you glad this post didn't include pictures.

Friday, January 8, 2010

6 days to go! {39 weeks/ 1 day}

Today I worked hopefully my last day for a month (no offense S and L!) for my nanny job.
I feel so huge and round!

Just an update about things I have tried to naturally induce.
Raspberry lead tea: cups and cups of tea, no baby
walking: still no baby
sex: not so much
black licorice: eating good and plenty like crazy and other forms and nothing

after I am past my due date... if... I will try the Black cohash.
Never the caster oil. ew.


Here are the diaper wraps I have been frantically making.

You lay the soaker in the middle.

Fold the flaps over.
This is where baby goes.

Then you fold the flaps over.
These are to use with the covers I have been making.

Pardon the marker marks that didn't get cut off. This was my first one. And my first jump back into serging.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

7 days left {39 weeks!} Thankful Thursday!

Today I am 39 weeks!! I can't believe this little boy could come anytime.

I feel pretty good about the progress have been making on the cloth diapers I started LAST week! I have been a bit of a procrastinator in this pregnancy, partially because I usually hate sewing when I'm pregnant and partially because I'm a lazy slug!

Last week I made 3 all in ones ( AIO's) and 6 covers. (This is an AIO but the covers look the same just no absorbent stuffing)
Tonight I finished making 35 cloth wipes made out of flannel and sherpa. I am in love! They are so soft and snugglie. Sadly, they have been sitting around for over a year! I had been scared (to death really) of my serger and since I have been doing these diapers I have gotten over that fear.
And I haven't even lost a finger yet! :P

I also finished 7 of the 12 inserts I cut out for Hotdog. Tomorrow I will post those and describe how they work.

Also since today is Thankful Thursday...
Today I am Thankful for:
1. being 39 weeks pregnant. Yay. Almost done!
2. Having fun friends to sew with. Jenny came over tonight to sew with me. It was her house last Fri night. She is about to explode too- due two days after me.
3. Being healthy. I have not gotten any of the crud floating around and neither have the boys.
4. That my little boy will be 3 years old on Wednesday.
5. That Hotdog's diaper drawer(s) is filling up and I don't have to throw away money every week with disposables.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

8 days to go! {38 weeks/ 6 days}

A few months into this pregnancy I decided to use disposable diapers because I was too sick/ tired/ lazy to wash and fold cloth. Then G potty trained except at night. Yay! All was well.

Until the leaks started.

I started using a sposie AND a gdiaper flushie inside it as added protection.
All was well. Until a few days ago when all of sudden he started leaking again.

So tonight I am back to cloth, I figure soon I will be washing newborn diapers anyway. In the photo above my poor, poor Sumo son has on a Happy Heinies pocket diaper and 3!! inserts (2 hemp and one micro) and a plastic cover for good measure!

Sweet little guy is a good sport, he ran around Sumo style for a while then asked to take it off. Of coarse I said not so much. Fingers crossed for dry sheets!

(totally forgot to post this last night! :)

Oh and he did wake up dry!
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

9 days to go! {38 weeks/ 5 days}

9 days to go!! I had my midwife apt today and baby is still measuring well. "Right on schedule". I did not have her check for dilation. Next week if no baby has appeared yet then I will.

I have been SO tired today. I was hopeful that the contractions I was having this afternoon would be doing some good and combined with being so tired, maybe it was a sign. Nope.

Just tired.

I went to bed at 12:30 last night, woke up at 8:30 or so. Went to the dr and fabric store, then a friends who just had her baby on Sat for a visit... tried to get Kaitlyn (the baby) the urge her friend along- he just kicked her. I came home and took my car to the dealer for a quick check before my warranty expires (TOMORROW!) Nothing like putting it off until the last minute!

I knew I was sleepy but didn't feel like I'd had a super busy day or anything. I was sitting/laying on the couch playing with Grayson.

That's the last thing I remember. It was about 4... I woke up about 7. Ooops!
Woke up and contractions were gone. grrr.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

10 days to go! {38 weeks/ 4 days}

Well, until my estimated due date I guess. I can't believe I have less than 2 weeks and hotdog could be here! I have no illusions about how long he could stay in there though! Grayson was 9 days late... 4 days of that being induction! He just had no interest in leaving his water bed. I have confirmed with my midwife that unless there is proof of distress I will not be inducing this baby before 43 weeks.

My mother says I was late. Very late. Like a month late. My dad says I came when I was supposed to come... not sure where that story meets in the middle. LOL
But either way, with my history with Grayson I am not pushing my luck. Maybe I am just one of those people whose babies stay in past their EDD.

I guess we'll see.

Pregnancy Stats:
weight gain~ 8 lbs
new stretch marks~ 2 confirmed a few other possibles, sadly. What is it with my children leaving their mark on ONLY the left side of my bady!?
varicose veins~ 0
sciatic nerve~ not as bad as it had been but still alive and kicking
hip displacement~oddly enough feeling a much better