Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3 years as a Mommy

Three years ago today I became a mommy. In that time I have learned many things:

~ I have learned that while a nanny can love a child with all her heart, it takes being a mommy to know how deep that love can go. There is just no end.

~ I have learned that while children are expensive and need a lot, the only things they really require are unconditional love and cuddles. Oh and kisses on boo boos.

~ Children will ALWAYS make a liar out of you. (thanks Gretchen)

~ Everyday is an adventure, you just never know what it will bring.

~ I can handle more than I ever thought possible.

~ I have learned that sleep is a luxury after children.

~ Being selfish is just NOT optional.

~ I have learned that cleaning is futile when there is a toddler is your house. They just have different ideas about clean and organized.

~ I have learned that while I thought I was creative I never knew how it would affect my ability to get someone to eat their vegis!

~ You can lead a child to ( the potty/ food/ their bed) but you can NOT MAKE them (pee- poop/ eat/ sleep)

~ So many times a day I think to myself... My parents are SO laughing their asses off right about now.

I love being a mom. I have always known it was what I wanted to do with my life and there would be nothing greater that I would ever achieve. I hope that my children grow to be compassionate, loving, responsible, able, caring, healthy, productive members of society as adults. And from who G is today I think we might just get them there.

Dear Grayson~ You make me so proud to be your mommy. Every day you grow into a sweeter, my amazing boy who makes my heart flutter every time you giggle. I love that you are so friendly and helpful. I love that you love life and love to explore anything and everything you come across. I love that right now you ask WHY when you want to know something and when you have not been satisfied by our answers you follow that with a "What kind of___?" and continue until we are exhausted or your curiosity is.

Having you in my life makes me want to be better at being a mommy and wife and better in life. You have completed me in a way I never knew could be filled so full. I love you more and more everyday. Happy Birthday sweet, amazing boy! ~Mommy


The Wolfe Family said...

That's a wonderful post! I love reading your blog! You are a lucky mommy but Grayson is certainly a very lucky & blessed boy to have YOU for his mommy!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Grayson. That is a great photo of him. You can see his joy and those long eye lashes!

1snappyfamily said...

Happy Birthday, Grayson! He is SOO adorable...I still need to pinch him! ;-) I wonder when/if that will change anytime soon. Can't wait to see the next guys make such cute kids! And he's such a sweetheart, too. Love you guys!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Beautiful post! Happy Birthday Grayson!!!