Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1 day to go! {39 weeks/ 6 days}

Well, today is mostly over and I have not had my third baby yet. :)
I was a little hopeful that I would at least end up at the hospital since my midwife will be there and she could finally after 5 years and 3 babies, deliver ONE!

Alas, the "things" we have tried today have not brought it on. At the Children's Museum I ended up sitting most of the time as I was just plain uncomfortable, then things calmed down. He seems lower but he isn't moving out yet.

In other news, Grayson's 3rd birthday seems to have made him very happy. I don't think he really understood why he had no friends for a party, but we promised a 1/2 year party at the park with a pinata so that made him happy. And it may happen sooner than that, but its really hard to plan a party when you have no idea if you can be there or not!

This morning I made pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. Then we packed up all our hospital gear (just in case since I was having so many pains.) and headed to the Children's Museum for a few hours. He had a great time playing in the water area

and the different exhibits including Clifford the Big red dog. One of his faves!

After we left there we went to McDonald's where it became very evident that I am officially OLD! We were there when the high school across the street apparently got out. Two large groups "stormed" the place. One taking over the small child area, including rolling around the play log. This is where Grayson had been attempting to play, so this immediately grumpified (YES ITS A WORD!) me. I watched for a few more minutes, noticing another group sitting closer to us, thinking I was staring AT them because their big heads were in the way of me seeing my child.
We told G we had to go, who immediately got upset because he had been asking for a week to go there. (He says "So, I have been thinking... we should go to McDonald's!)

I went to find the manager. See, I told you I am OLD! By-by teenagers. Sad. I just don't remember being that disrespectful to general people around me. They were not even buying anything- not one of them. Just taking over. So obnoxious and inappropriate.

Once we were home my brother came over to give G his gift. A very cool car ramp that G loves. He had already opened a puzzle from my friend Di and her son Jeremiah and later the family I nanny for came over to drop off a gift and play a bit. They gave him a fun toy tool set.

A bit later we opened all the other gifts that had accumulated from Zack's mom: Melissa and Doug food and cookies for his kitchen, and pan set, a M&D car track thingy and stamp set. From his great grand parents: a cute outfit and from us (and Santa's Helper- random money that came in the mail at Christmas- thank you!): 7 shirts and a cardigan sweater from Gymboree's huge sale right before Christmas. It was up to 60% off already and I had a 20% off coupon plus free shipping. Makes it cheaper to buy there than Target! (and SO much cuter!) Also a few pair of pants and the cutest boots from Children's Place. I also had similar coupon codes for there. I love a good deal! I love this pic. "clothes- meh! movin right along to the good stuff!"

We also got him 2 sets of markers, a few books and a superman dvd. And I made him a game called Bucket Toss. Which is just what it sounds like. A clear paint bucket with handmade bean bags to throw into it. He loves that!

For dinner G wanted pancakes- again- but a close runner up is hotdogs, which the barely touched. sigh. I had big plans to make an Elmo ice cream cake but it didn't happen. We ended up buying a small one from Baskin Robin. Way easier. Between that and the "cake" of rice crispy treats Di brought over (our family fave!) we are sweeted out!

Then off to bed. He was a very tired boy. I took a fantastically hot bath and hoped for contractions. Nope. Sit here typing having less than I was this morning. But I guess at least the boys won't share a birthday. :)


Shannon said...

First of all...Happy Birthday Grayson!!!

Second...I have been reading your blog daily for quite some time now (since before Jonathan was born)and I think I have only commented twice. I would like to say that I really enjoy your blog and admire your strength and the strength of your family. I would really like to send something for Grayson and for "Hotdog". Could you send me an email with your address? It may take a while for you to receive it as it will be coming from Canada!

I hope you have a safe and easy (as it can be!) delivery and all the best for your wonderful family!!!

Jessika said...

Hey so I was thinking....

I live not too far from you. When you have the baby, I'm sure at SOME point, we'll be up in Portland. I was thinking I could bring you some treats for Grayson, some adult (eg: healthier) treats, as well as a homemade dinner you can either toss in the freezer or heat up. I figure you'll have your hands full. Just a thought. Let me know!