Friday, January 22, 2010

Reiki Doula

I had been looking for a Doula for quite a while. I posted here, Facebook, and The
No leads that actually got anywhere.

I had looked on Craigslist. A ton.
Then one day, near the end of my pregnancy I saw an ad that caught my attention.
It was for Reiki Massage Doula service.

Reiki is basically healing with energy. I have always found alternative medicine fascinating, so I met with Shannon. She told me a bit about Reiki, about Massage and her life and family. Our second meeting was at our house. She came to do a massage before we decided to proceed as her as our Doula.

She was at our house over two hours doing a massage and some Reiki at the end. It was AMAZING.

I can't praise Shannon and her skills enough! She was amazing and supportive and fantastic.
She let me lead what I needed and offered suggestions when I ran out. She tirelessly massaged and touched me for hours and hours- close to 20. She rested a bit when I did, but if I needed her she was there. Completely.

If you are in the Portland area and need a masseur, birth doula or Reiki please contact Shannon.
You can contact her from here:
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