Sunday, January 10, 2010

4 days to go! {39 weeks/ 3 days}

Today was a lovely day! About 1130 we decided to change out of pj's and get moving, since I am feeling very sloth like and movement might cause movement from the Hotdog... I had said we would go to the park down the street and just enjoy the day but as we walked out Zack asked if I thought it'd be fun to into Portland and do something.

We rarely do this. Sadly. So I said yes.
We ended up going to Washington Park, which is where the Zoo and Children's museum as well as some other fun attractions are. We went to play in the huge children's play park.

This building housed the restroom- and you know pregnant woman- I know every restroom in a 5 mile radius! Anyway, it was originally the Elephant house at the original Oregon Zoo which was housed there from 1880-1925. It is the only original structure left over from the original zoo.

It is covered in cool mosaic animals and inside is this amazing elephant "carving".

When G had had enough of the park we went to find somewhere to get some grub. We rarely eat out and even more rare is to eat out in Portland. We drove to the gorgeous NW 23rd ave. which is full of shops and yummy eateries. We drove until we found one that look like it tickled our fancy, settling on Rose's Deli and Bakery.

It wasn't until after we sat down and were there a while that I realized it is THE Rose's that is on almost every MUST EAT at list for Portland. OMG! It so lived up to the "hype". Zack and I split the Philly Cheese Sandwich and the French Dip. Both were AMAZING! And we are both picky on those. The meat inside was not fatty at all (the problem with the last ones we had. Gagging amounts of fat- bleh) They were juicy without being soggy and cheesy without being overwhelming! If you are in the area I HIGHLY recommend! (And no I am not suddenly a food critic and am not getting anything out of that rec)

While we were there I saw in the glass case next to all the 8 inch tall cakes and other delicious looking treats, a rocky road brownie. L-O-V-E. We were already spending "too much" so I decided to go home and find a recipe. To be honest I found a recipe while I waited for our food. Turned out I had everything for it at home.

Grayson got to lick the beater for my mixer. He was quite proud of himself.

And these are the finished (uncooled) product.

Recipe review: EASY! I bet anyone who bakes EVER has all of the ingredients on hand. The brownies were moist and chewy- just the way I like them. They didn't cut easily but I didn't wait for them to be totally cooled either. I will make them in individual cups next time, probably a Demarle muffin tray or something. Overall- YUM A LUM!! 2 sticky thumbs up! :)

Oh and btw: this basic brownie recipe (before the toppings are added) may take me away from ANY boxed brownie mix ever again. It's that easy and good.
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Geneva said...

I love Rose's. Did you know there's one over in the "Streets of Tanasbourne" shopping center?

Heidi said...

I'm glad you were able to have a fun day as a threesome before you become a foursome! And thinking about Roses and Washington Park made my heart ache for home a little bit.

boo said...

Sounds like you guys had a really great day! Any chance that brownie recipe could be adapted gluten-free? it sounds *scrumptious*! Will you have that baby already? I'm dyin' over here... jonesing. I think it's because D'oh is almost three, and I'm not pregnant with another myself. This is the first time one of my kids has reached this age without me finding out I'm having another one.

Anonymous said...

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Jaimey said...

James, please email at about this. If I hear nothing in the next week this comment will be deleted. Thank you.