Friday, January 8, 2010

6 days to go! {39 weeks/ 1 day}

Today I worked hopefully my last day for a month (no offense S and L!) for my nanny job.
I feel so huge and round!

Just an update about things I have tried to naturally induce.
Raspberry lead tea: cups and cups of tea, no baby
walking: still no baby
sex: not so much
black licorice: eating good and plenty like crazy and other forms and nothing

after I am past my due date... if... I will try the Black cohash.
Never the caster oil. ew.


Here are the diaper wraps I have been frantically making.

You lay the soaker in the middle.

Fold the flaps over.
This is where baby goes.

Then you fold the flaps over.
These are to use with the covers I have been making.

Pardon the marker marks that didn't get cut off. This was my first one. And my first jump back into serging.

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