Saturday, February 27, 2010

uh oh

We are regular visitors of our library. We try to go to story time weekly and get new books. We won't be getting new books for a while.

I sent G to his room for a nap the other afternoon. I was on the phone so it was a while before I realized it was very quiet. So I crept up the stairs to see if he had fallen asleep. I peeked in his door and saw him crouched over one of his books on his floor.

A library book.

In itty, bitty, teeny, tiny pieces.

I was so angry and yet I was having a hard time not laughing.

Seriously? Tiny pieces?! Who does that to a book? We always talk about how we have to be gentle with books and we treat them nicely and respectfully or they have to go up high in the closet until he is older. Apparently it didn't sink in.

Better yet.

It was a 'NO DAVID' book. David books are about a boy named David who, you guessed it, is always getting told no.
I told G he was to take money out of his piggy and we were going to go to the library the next day and pay his money to the library for ruining their book.
Next day came and we marched ourselves down there, change in hand (my checkbook poised to pay the difference) and ziplock full of page bits. The librarian was very sweet, trying to act serious as I explained what had happened and as G said he was sorry and offered up his money to *pay* for the book.
She stiffled her giggle looked at him and the book very seriously, noted it was already missing a page and told us it was *okay* this time {I quickly interjected NOT okay} and that THIS time she would not take his money. But...
We had a long talk in the car about how the librarian didn't say it was okay to DO but because he promised not to do it again and he had said he was sorry the library would nicely not take his money THIS time. He is now not allowed books in bed. He is reminded of this lesson daily.
Honestly, I think this is one lesson he will learn.
(As we were about to leave the librarian looks at me and smiles. "I am going to show this to the girls in the back! It really is very cute and funny" she says under her breath. Oy. I am so glad she {mostly} played along. )

ps. blogger is being a booger and REFUSES to post this properly but since its been two weeks since I posted I figured I better get something out there before the natives get restless. So pretty it is not, but hopefully its mildly entertaining.

Kid and family fest

A few weeks ago we went to the Kid and family festival at our fair grounds. Mostly it is local businesses peddling their wares (why you have to pay to shop for windows and insurance- its $10 to get in- is silly to me but whatever) but there is also the petting zoo and many booths full of toys and fun things for kiddos to do. We had a booth there a few years ago when G was about a year old. We had him crawling around with a sign for our insurance booth and balloons. He was a hit! Its fun to see everyone every year as he gets bigger.
This year he was very into everything. He fell in love with this restaurant maskot bear. He followed him everywhere.

Yes, the bear is coloring. Not sure why, but whatever.

Overall, G had a great time. I tried to get a good picture of him in this stand up fireman, but this is all I got cause the darn bear walked by again and G was off!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mini moose

This is Jaxon yesterday.
Weighing in at 12 lbs 14 oz! Holy moose!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Songs for life

I noticed a long time ago that I have always attached a song to a memory. For some people it's the smells around the event, for some it's the background sights and sounds. But for me its always the song. Which really isn't a surprise as music has always been a part of my life. Not that anyone in my family is particularly musically inclined but we all seem to enjoy it.

When I was a little kid, 4-5 maybe, I remember dusting the furniture with pledge dancing my little self along next to my mom to a Bob Segar album. Does anyone remember what an album is? I vaguely might. Anyway, ever since "Against the Wind" has been forever etched in my brain as the theme song for that part of my life.

Later, when I was in junior high school there was always school dances on Friday nights. I fondly remember hanging with my gal pals, girls on one side of the room boys on the other just like on t.v. dancing to "Baby got Back" and "Nothing Compares to You" by Sinead O'Conner as one of us ran to the bathroom in tears over the current boy drama. And there was ALWAYS boy drama.

In high school, I had my first and second real boyfriends and we had our songs. T and I had "Crazy" by Patsy Cline, though I always seem to have the Forest Gump soundtrack in my head when I think of him as well. He worked in a theatre and I saw it 13 times on the big screen. Go figure I guess. S and I... well HAH, I seem to have buried that memory! Go figure. He sucked. :)

Anyway, now life carries many memories (if only I could hold onto them in this swiss chesse brain!) and along with "Breathe" by Faith Hill that is the song for my marriage, we have had "Sounds like Life to Me" for the last year or so. Well that is the one I was using in my head, Zack was using something far more negative. As I sit here with Zack snoring on my left and Jax snoring on my right and Gray finally asleep, in his room in our house, I realize life is pretty darn good and "Life after You" may stick as our new one.

What is your song?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yeah Me!

Yup, thats my butt. And guess what is on it? My 7 jeans that I have not been able to fit in since before Grayson! Woo hoo!
Okay, I gotta go take these off. I can't breathe. (hehe)
Happy Valentine's Day!

Technical Difficulties

I know it probably looks like I have gone and dropped off the planet (again) but I really haven't. I have WANTED to blog. Unfortunately, Tuesday night I used our laptop and shut it for the night and when I went to use it again in the morning it refused to turn on.




So it is at the pc doctor and in 3 (10) weeks they will supposedly have diagnosed its issue and let us know how much it will be to fix said issue.
So now I rely on our dinosaur desktop- seriously we bought it when we were first married almost 9 years ago! It has seen better days. Some days it just refuses to join the internet. :( I think its just lazy but it could be dying of old age. If dog years are 7/1 human years, what are pc years to human years? My other option, the one I am utalizing now is Zack's work lappy. I will try to keep up with life but know that either way I am here in "spirit".

Speaking of Zack's work. It is going great! He loves it. And best of all Thursday he was offered a promotion. Already! After only 2 weeks. With a pay raise. Woohoo!
We are very excited for the future and things are looking up and up.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jaxon's Baby shower

This last Saturday was my meet the baby sprinkle that Geneva threw for me. She did an amazing job.

This is the cake she made from scratch.
Amazing! And so Cute!

The adorable cookies, that were SO yummy too.

If you click on this collage it will enlarge it. Included is the food spread, some of the guests and the onsie decorating "game".

Thank you Geneva, and everyone who came for an amazing, fun party!

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

My boys

I think these pretty much speak for them selves.
Photographer: Elle Zober @

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My dear friend Elle took these amazing pics of Jaxon last week.
She gave them to my today at my shower that Geneva threw for me.

Booties by my friend Alexis.

These are just a sneak peak. I have a few HUNDRED to look through before I post more.
I just love baby feet.
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jaxon's Nursery *Finally*

A few months ago I mentioned buying a bumper at the resale event we have twice a year. I had been struggling with how to decorate Jaxon's room, since it HAD to have red in it and somewhat go with the GIANT red dresser that Zack had painted years ago when we were first married. I love that thing, so it wasn't an option to change it. The room had to go around it.

The bumper has stripes and gingham and is mostly primary colors. I have always loved monkey's and originally I wanted Sock monkey's but Zack quickly vetoed that idea. :(

Then one day while the children were napping at my nanny job I came up with this...
And while it is really embarrassing to show of my lack of artistic talent, I am pretty excited to show off the finished product and how close it came to the original design of months ago. Geneva did the Barrel of Monkey's and I did the balls around the room.

Without further ado:
Jaxon's room!

Should I put 'balls' under the barrel or leave it blank? I'm torn...

There is a blank spot on this wall because I am going to have Geneva put another monkey with a hotdog in his hand there. Cause how fitting is that? :)

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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Brotherly love.

My sweet boys.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Leads anyone?

So what is the most ironic thing about Zack starting his job today?

Give you a hint.

Okay I suck at hints. I am much better at laying it out there.

I lost my nanny job today. It boils down to them not being able to afford me, after the grandparents backed out of the days they were doing to help out. Our whole house of cards crumbled.

I am very sad and a little discouraged. Just when I think things are fine and going to be okay, then AGAIN the the ground is yanked from under my feet. I know its not the end of the world (been there, done that) but it is frustrating.

Hopefully something will work out soon in our favor on that front. If you know of a nanny job that will allow me to bring my kids (I have references etc obviously) or any other recommendation... I am willing to try new things. Please let me know.

Thanks friends!