Monday, February 1, 2010

Leads anyone?

So what is the most ironic thing about Zack starting his job today?

Give you a hint.

Okay I suck at hints. I am much better at laying it out there.

I lost my nanny job today. It boils down to them not being able to afford me, after the grandparents backed out of the days they were doing to help out. Our whole house of cards crumbled.

I am very sad and a little discouraged. Just when I think things are fine and going to be okay, then AGAIN the the ground is yanked from under my feet. I know its not the end of the world (been there, done that) but it is frustrating.

Hopefully something will work out soon in our favor on that front. If you know of a nanny job that will allow me to bring my kids (I have references etc obviously) or any other recommendation... I am willing to try new things. Please let me know.

Thanks friends!

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Jessika said...

Well, I forwarded your information so far to two Portland friends. One has a LOT of friends, so she's forwarding your information on. The other has a toddler, and I'm hoping she's linked into groups of parents whom she can forward your information to. It may not amount to anything, but here's hoping, right? I sent your email address and a photo. Sometimes having a face to a name is a huge bonus.