Friday, July 22, 2011


I am watching my belly bounce and jiggle around. Baby boy has hiccups.


He gets them a lot. So did my other children. All except for Jonathan. He never had then that I remember.

It makes me very thankful to watch my belly jump and poke out as this little boy tries to get comfortable. I am thankful this little boy is healthy and headed into our arms. I can't wait.


Get out. :)

You have less than 6 weeks little boy until your eviction notice gets handed to you... but 4 weeks would be lovely. Just sayin'.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm alive

I can always tell when I have been away too long. Thank you for Melissa for calling me out of hiding. :) I am fine. All is well. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and the bean is fine. He is another boy, not sure if I updated that before I wandered off... Apparently we only make boys.

Anyway, Zack's job is going well. He has been working a lot of hours and we miss him. I keep joking that we are going to name the baby Jim after his boss, since he is always with the guy. He doesn't think I am funny somehow. Honestly, I am just thankful he has a job and that we have less stress on that end.

I am still staying at home with the boys, struggling to keep it somewhat clean as they work their messy magic in circles around me. I heard it said once that cleaning while you have young children is like shoveling snow while it is snowing. I firmly believe this. Unfortunately, you can't stop either, then it just get completely out of hand. So I just keep on trucking and then at the end of the day curl up in the fetal position and rock, hoping when I open my eyes the mess will be gone. Hasn't worked for the record.

Beyond that, life is calm. We are enjoying our mild summer. I just smile when people complain that Oregon isn't sunny right now. We have had rain all week. I just say my little prayer to the Universe that it isn't hot and boiling and say KEEP it COMING! Sorry friends, it's me, I admit it. I keep the sun at bay! :)

I will try to check in soon. If I can get out of my fetal position more often.