Saturday, March 29, 2008

Grayson loves to read!

Grayson loves to read. (Keep those books coming grandparents! :) But today when he decided to sit down and read he was reading A Nursing Mothers Guide to Weaning. Maybe he was getting tips on how to avoid the inevitable. :)
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Friday, March 28, 2008

Turn Out for Earth Hour- tomorrow at 8pm!

I was just reading my ideal bite DAILY BITER ( that comes directly to my email and gives me a tip each day of new ways to be "green". I have never heard of Earth Hour ( ) before but it sounds like a great thing and I am totally in- Zack you are by default! Sounds like a lovely "couple" time to me. Time to break out those dusty old candles! And since a radio would defeat the purpose I guess we can hum to eachother!

Oh wait I am losing the point. Do your part because collectively we can do so much good!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Today is Grayson's first REAL Easter. Last year I gave him a cute little bunny but all he did was chew on it- go figure. :) This year, the Easter Bunny came and delivered a fabulous basket of goodies and an Easter Mr. Potatoe head. He is cute, and smaller than the normal one so G can easily play with it. Thank you Easter Bunny.

He didn't really get it but he got that he was getting fun stuff and very quickly found the marshmellow candy that we put in the eggs. Lovely breakfast.

Later we went to Corie's for Easter Linner. (yes I said Linner) It was lovely as usual with Ham and all kinds of other goodies. Yum. Then we did an egg hunt with all the boys (hers and G) and GRayson sat and ate all his jelly beans (mother of the year award today- I am not sure he ate much real food- oh well)

Anyway, it was a great Easter even if G didn't really get it. He will next year and from then on. I remember my childhood of Easters. I always woke up so early and woke up my brother and we ran out to find our Easter baskets. It was such an egg-citing moment! I
love Easter morning.

What a wonderful day. sigh. I am content.
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Crafty Mama's Bizarre at Milagros

Saturday I spent the day at Milagros Boutique peddling my wares. Or attempting to. :)
I had a lot of interst and a lot of people taking my business cards. But alas no orders. Next time I will hopefully have enough finished diapers for people to buy and take them with them. Hopefully people will start to catch on and buy, buy buy! Anyone want to buy a diaper?

Hi Dad! :)
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Little man sure loves his bath. Mommy loves to put bubbles on his head. Its a win-win. :)
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh! Baby Buy Product Contest

I Love a good contest, , the chance to get something simply for giving someone my name and or a bit of info about me and my life. Easy Peasy! This contest is even better! Its all Green, Organic or Earthy Friendly products. So cool. I entered and here is my entry:

1. When I got pregnant with my 14 month old son I realized how much more Earth Friendly I needed to be. I was using natural and
non-toxic cleaners because I felt the "regular" ones would be too harmful for my growing fetus. Then it dawned on me that I couldn't worry about it pregnant and then once he was born go back to using horrible toxic chemicals. So I started phasing them out completely. I have completely switched to biodegradable laundry, dish, counter and general cleaners. I also switched to natural organic, biodegradable shampoo's and baby care products (started with those with Grayson). I also discovered G diapers when I was pregnant and started using those and cloth diapers shortly after his birth. I love G diapers! I also make my own cloth diapers ( ) I use cloth bags when I go shopping. I try to shop and buy local products and support local farms- we are getting a coop box this spring as well as go to the farmers market weekly. We recycle as much as we possibly can- our area has a curb side large bin that everything goes in so that makes it easier- if it has a number or seems recyclable I recycle it. We switch most of our light bulbs to energy conserving. Basically we try to use minimize our impact on the earth in as many ways as possible. I have high hopes for this year to be able to do even more, with some Earth Day Resolutions. :) (Check out the pictures of the G diapers I embroidered!)
2. In case you haven't already figured it out, my favorite product featured is the G diapers! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I would love to try the Obli organic onsie, I love this print. I have been having a mild obsession with this kind of
print for the last year or so. I would also love to get some Think Baby Sippy cups, I am slowly trying to phase out all the "bad plastic" its slow since my hubby is not as supportive as I would like. And lastly, for my next baby I would LOVE to have the Blessed nest because I had a really hard time trying to cosleep and this seems like a lifesaver!

Link to the contest:

Little leprechaun!

I guess the luck of the Irish was with me today when we went to a play date and Grayson was in the BEST MOOD! He had not even had more than a 30 minutes of a nap. But he had a great time playing with the toys and kids and picking pretzels and chalk up off the floor to eat! (Someday I will "cure" him of this issue of eating things off the floor but for now I call 2 second rule. :) He loves drawing right now and drew for quite a while on a little chalk board until deciding the blue chalk would make a better snack than drawing utensil.

I took these great photos of him playing in a little buddies hat. He loved that thing. And then there is his new diaper I made last night. I love it, it says PINCH PROOF on the bum and has yummy green/ blue minky inside. So cute.

Hope your St. Patricks Day was as great as ours.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick's Day in Hillsboro is a big event, complete with parade. So every year we (used to when we lived closer) walk down town to Main st. and watch the parade. Now when I say parade I mean, the usual horses, mayor in a car and the bands and dancers. But what I think is special to Hillsboro is the (wait for it!- queue the banjo music!) TRACTOR line up and the PT cruiser line up. Yup I said it! John Deer and the PT's. I spared you all the photos of those but I bet there was 20 of each in the parade this year. Not to mention the odd ball churches and such.

This is the Sheriffs Posse. Grayson loves the horses and the Police Motor cylces the best. (Today would be a good day to commit a crime in Hillsboro since they are all busy :)

This is Grayson in our friends "float". They own Pedigreen (
and the little bike cab in Hillsboro. He really did not want to get out of the float but we figured we shouldn't make them keep you son. :)

Hope your St. Patty's day is as special as ours! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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This morning Zack and I got in to a wrestling match/ food fight. I think I lost cause I ended up with half chewed string cheese stuck to my forehead. Yuck! blah!
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I heart Rainbows!

Yesterday was a sad, cloudy, rainy day but then the sun came out for a few minutes and gave us this lovely Rainbow to look at. Of coarse Zack and I took Grayson out to see his first rainbow ever! Its hard to get him to look high enough in the sky but I think he saw it. Either way it made us happy. I heart Rainbows!
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Send me to my room- Alone!

(Heather I stole your title- thanks!)

So this is my fabulous, amzing crap(ft)room. I love being in here and spend the most time in here than anywhere else in the house.

The whole set up came from IKEA and I love it. We were planning on putting doors on too but once I got the shelves where I wanted them I decided not to since I would have to move the drawers to accomidate the hinges. :( I bought the baskets and boxes with the pink and green paisley liners/ coverings at Home Goods and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! The pink boxes are also IKEA. At some point I plan to paint the walls a matching green and though Zack says no pink I may do one wall while he is at work- shhh. He would NEVER notice, its not like he ever goes in there. :)

Anyway, my friend Heather posted pics of her room and it inspired me to post pictures of mine.

From left to right, cabinet 1: scrapbooks and paint and cards
2: scrapbook stuff 3: paper and misc in the short cabinet
4: fabric and diaper making stuff and in the last cabinet
5: is left over fabric, jewelry making and knitting. :)
Too much fun stuff.

This is my tables, I used to only have 1 table and it was ALWAYS full of stuff. So I went back to IKEA and got these table and bases which I then put together myself. I love them. The best is the little cubbies underneath that hold it up. It houses all my craft books.
I collect vintage BALL jars and this is one of my shelves. I have more on the window in this set of pics but now they are on the wall on another shelf. I also plan to have another table in this spot. I need a sewing table and a scrapbook table! hehe

Now I just need people to come play with me!
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Grayson does the dishes

Grayson loves it when I start to unload the dishwasher. No matter where he is in the house when he hears the door open he comes toddling along to see how he can "help." Usually I am quick enough that I can get most of the stuff out and on the counter and put it away from there before he can actually get in it. *Sigh* not this time, I turned my back for one second and when I turned back around there he was, IN the dishwasher. Reminds me of some pics I have seen of his cousin Evie, I guess its in his blood. :)
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South Falls

This is the South Fall, if you look close at the pic you can see the trail that runs underneath. Amazing. I feel so blessed to live so close to such amazing sights. :)
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Silver Falls

This is us at Silver Falls recently. It was so fun. It is really nice to have weekends back to spend as a family now that we are not always working on fixing the house. We hiked down to the South Fall which is huge and you can hike under it. It is absolutely amazing and beautiful. Grayson was completely amazed. He rode on his daddies shoulders the whole time, his daddy perch as we call it. Then we went back up to the Lodge and had a yummy lunch. On the way home we stopped in Silverton and had a great time looking in all the shops. I am really lucky that Zack is pretty easy going most the time when it comes to that stuff. We have always talked about going to the shops in Silverton on the way home from camping but then it is always Sunday and they are closed.