Saturday, March 15, 2008

St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick's Day in Hillsboro is a big event, complete with parade. So every year we (used to when we lived closer) walk down town to Main st. and watch the parade. Now when I say parade I mean, the usual horses, mayor in a car and the bands and dancers. But what I think is special to Hillsboro is the (wait for it!- queue the banjo music!) TRACTOR line up and the PT cruiser line up. Yup I said it! John Deer and the PT's. I spared you all the photos of those but I bet there was 20 of each in the parade this year. Not to mention the odd ball churches and such.

This is the Sheriffs Posse. Grayson loves the horses and the Police Motor cylces the best. (Today would be a good day to commit a crime in Hillsboro since they are all busy :)

This is Grayson in our friends "float". They own Pedigreen (
and the little bike cab in Hillsboro. He really did not want to get out of the float but we figured we shouldn't make them keep you son. :)

Hope your St. Patty's day is as special as ours! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Lindsey Bunjes said...

hey i am glad you got things figured out! we totally forgot about st.patricks day so we didnt do anything. keep posting, i check my blogs everyday!