Thursday, March 13, 2008

Send me to my room- Alone!

(Heather I stole your title- thanks!)

So this is my fabulous, amzing crap(ft)room. I love being in here and spend the most time in here than anywhere else in the house.

The whole set up came from IKEA and I love it. We were planning on putting doors on too but once I got the shelves where I wanted them I decided not to since I would have to move the drawers to accomidate the hinges. :( I bought the baskets and boxes with the pink and green paisley liners/ coverings at Home Goods and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! The pink boxes are also IKEA. At some point I plan to paint the walls a matching green and though Zack says no pink I may do one wall while he is at work- shhh. He would NEVER notice, its not like he ever goes in there. :)

Anyway, my friend Heather posted pics of her room and it inspired me to post pictures of mine.

From left to right, cabinet 1: scrapbooks and paint and cards
2: scrapbook stuff 3: paper and misc in the short cabinet
4: fabric and diaper making stuff and in the last cabinet
5: is left over fabric, jewelry making and knitting. :)
Too much fun stuff.

This is my tables, I used to only have 1 table and it was ALWAYS full of stuff. So I went back to IKEA and got these table and bases which I then put together myself. I love them. The best is the little cubbies underneath that hold it up. It houses all my craft books.
I collect vintage BALL jars and this is one of my shelves. I have more on the window in this set of pics but now they are on the wall on another shelf. I also plan to have another table in this spot. I need a sewing table and a scrapbook table! hehe

Now I just need people to come play with me!
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Heather said...

Love your room and I love that you collect old Ball jars, too cute. Those are great for storring colorful ribbon and stuff. I wish you only lived closer and we could play together!!!

mommy of an angel said...

oooo, ill come play!!! maybe this summer or something... but im lovin to room. its great. and i have only seen grayson once. :( so its sad. but anyways. ill ttyl. love ya!