Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday blahs

Wednesday's are the bane of my existence lately. Today I woke up and barfed. Yeah. That was a first. Then I finished getting ready for work and went on with my day. I felt fine but tired the rest of the day. Odd. Later, about noon I took a nap and here is where it usually gets tricky. Usually I wake up feeling horrible and barf-y. Not today. Today I feel fine! Yeah!! Maybe we are turning the corner... I am 11 weeks tomorrow after all!

In other news, work at Target continues. I like it for the most part. There is still one person who drives me a lot insane but I just try to avoid her. Some times that is easier said than done, but I asked today to have more time on the floor and less time on the truck unload line. That will help.

My direct boss knows as well as a few select others that I am pregnant but not the whole team. I just don't feel like sharing. (unless they have found me online somehow then the cats outta the bag!) I had told my boss that once I got these tests back I would probably share but then I found out the quad screening I just had last week does NOT show neural tube defects. So now I am still reluctant to share again. And trust me its about the hardest thing I have ever done! I am SO NOT A SECRET KEEPER! Its always on the tip of my tongue!

And then there is the obvious! I am getting huge, well to me anyway. I can't fit in most of my pants, partially because I hate things touching my belly and partially because I am getting fat. I guess I don't expect any less, I mean I just did this 7 months ago, its not like my body has had all that much time to *forget* or get back to "normal" (whatever that is). I have gotten some occasional looks at my midsection but noone has acted directly yet...I guess its just a matter of time.

Next Wednesday is our US (Ultra sound-- Angel sorry I forgot to post that- you know that is right?) I should be able to see something though nothing is going to be as definitive as the AFP later, but I think I can take that at 15 weeks at the earliest. I just realized that is right around the corner! Holy Crap! I'm having a baby!!! oi!

Update on the G contest!

In case you missed this post... I will inform you that gDiapers is doing a cool new promo that lets you get 6 little g's for $70, but for a limited time only I have a code that gets you those same diapers for $40!!!

Just go to their site, put them in your cart and when you check out use this code: g628Buquet

They also launched their cloth option today so if you want even more flexibility in your g's you can get these.

I would love it if anyone who has a g product review would post one in the comments section, and if you haven't tried them, now is the time. It seriously won't get any cheaper to snatch them up! :) (that is little more than $6 and half EACH!!!)

Happy g'ing!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Strawberry Dreams!

I have always loved Strawberries, or I thought I did. Then I moved to Oregon and came to know strawberries as they should be. DARK red, full of juice and sweetness. Yum. It makes my mouth water just to think of them. Oregon berries are NOT like California berries, to say the least. Not that Cali berries aren't good, they just aren't delicious when you put them side by side.

And when you throw in that there are You pick farms 10 minutes in every direction of my house, well who can complain? Not me that is for sure. My friend Heidi and I took our boys on Tuesday and went a pickin'.

this is the farm, Groveland acres and its right across the street from Roloff farms.

g head with our loot! 15 lbs- $15!! love it!

happy boy, full belly and a full basket.

g head and Collin.

Thursday, I had planned to host our sign language group at our house and have a pot luck brunch, but after throwing up all night and day before, my house was trashed and so was I. So I threw together this lovely galette (rustic pie if you want to google the recipe- I recommend the ones with corn starch in them. this was the easy {read: lazy} version and it ran everywhere!) and went over to our friend Kelli's house who was generous enough to host at the last minute!

Saturday Heidi and I got back together and I taught her how to make "real" jam, as opposed to freezer jam. I love how easy freezer jam is, but my freezer space is at a premium and jam just doesn't earn its keep. :)

We both made two batches. Mine ended up being 24 4oz jars and 5 6 oz jars. Yum! What a great way to start the season! And I have a gallon (stuffed full!) bag in the freezer.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

everyday g's contest!

My favorite little company that could is hosting a contest!
They challenge us to help them get the word out about a new package they are offering. They call it the everyday g package, which is 6 pair of lil g's for one amazing price!
And for a short time only I can get you $30 off!!! of that amazing price!
You read that right. If you have been dying to try g's now is the time to do it. I will post the code as soon as I get it, but in the mean time, if you want to email me for more information feel free.

Thanks for supporting an amazing company.
Oh, and the contest is really a mute point for me since I live in Portland and the grand prize is a trip here. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Thankful

Today I am thankful for:

1.) my hubby who takes up the slack when I can't do anything (all the time lately- I am utterly useless!) He cooks, he cleans, he does laundry and he is working at a car dealership attempting to make some money.

2.) mostly only throwing up on Wednesdays, its not ideal but I can set my watch to it however weird it is.

3.) Tuesday and Saturday farmers market, we try to go to both every week. Its fun to see all our old neighborhood friends (its in downtown Hillsboro where we used to live) and to enjoy the band and hang out. I miss it when we can't go.

4.) fresh fruit. Hillsboro and the Portland area is a very rich agricultural area and there is never really a lack of farm fresh produce this time of year. I picked Strawberries on Tuesday and am making jam this weekend. It was $15 for 15lbs of delish Oregon berries!

5.) an easy going child who will usually contentedly play while I feel like crap and ignore him. I know this too shall pass but can it come any faster PLEASE!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stupid Wednesday and other news

So here it is Wednesday and what am I doing besides blogging? Vomiting. Every time I look at food since I woke up from a lovely 3.5 hour nap. Every Wednesday without fail! Its so frustrating. I always seem to forget that its Wednesday and then there I am hovering over the kitchen sink! (I refuse to vomit where I put my butt!) I can't figure out why its mostly Wednesdays, sometimes a weekend day but always Wednesdays. :(

In other news, I had the first trimester quad screening today. I immediately got my blood counts back online, they were all seemingly within normal ranges. Though I emailed my Aunt Sue to make sure, since she is in the medical field and my midwife is out of the office for a few days so I can't get clarification.

Fingers crossed that I do NOT get a call in the next few days. I will be on pins and needles until I know one way or another how the rest of the tests fair. I hope everything is okay with this baby. I keep telling myself that since this pregnancy is so much closer in similarity to Grayson's that it will all be ok. I was SO sick with Jonathan I just knew something was wrong. The doctor tells me its all coincidence but I think a mother knows.

Anyway, thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers or whatever it is you do. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

8 week check up!

I got a few hours of kid free time today, the only down side is I had to go to my midwife appointment. Which normally are fine, but anyone who has had a baby knows the first one has all kinds of un-pleasantries.

But today I got to see the bean for the first time and see its tiny heart beat, beating away in there.

I also found out that Kaiser now does the new quad screening and I am getting mine next week. I had recently emailed Dr. Friedman (the specialist we had with Jonathan's pregnancy) and asked if Kaiser did this as routine and if I could get it "the next time around" and he said it wasn't likely. So I was very excited and surprised to hear Paula (my midwife) say she could order it for me for maybe a little piece of mind. If that come back with any irregularities they then send me into a Hig Definition Ultra Sound to check the skin at the back of the neck of the baby, basically a thickening is often a sign of a problem.

Paula also ordered the US, for just another added bit of piece of mind. It won't be the super high tech one we had with the specialist but the one just below that (to my knowledge). That should be in two weeks.

It was very exciting to see the bean. Hopefully as is as well as I think it is, we shall soon see I guess.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Thankful

I am thankful for:

1) not throwing up right this second! It seems that when I blog that things seem to be looking up, it comes back to bite me in the a$$. I posted the other day and I spent the next two day barfing, I could not even keep down water! Zack thinks it might have been a touch of the stomach flu but I felt sick only in a nauseous vomity way, no aches or pains or whatever. It was horrible. So I am thankful for every second I DON'T spend vomiting!

2) frozen yogurt! Could it be any more yummy? I am in love. I just wish there was a per oz, self serve place close by that had 10 flavors like the place I love in Los Angeles, which is sadly probably gone since I can't seem to find it anywhere online! :( The only place *close* sells it in s,m,l cups and you get SO jipped! She actually weighs it to make sure she didn't give you too much in the tiny cup! but I can't help myself. I just need it! Anyone have a personal frozen yogurt maker that serves it soft serve style they can review for me? (I just got my Bed bath and Beyond coupon!)

3) my hubby, he has been so great! When I fall asleep on the couch at 530 (last night) he lets me sleep and just whisks Grayson away until bed or I wake up. He has been helping with the house and everything else, he's been great! Thanks honey. :)

4) Getting to 8 weeks (today!) with my pregnancy! I am remaining hopefully optimistic and until I know otherwise I am SURE that everything with this little bean is fine. There just is no other way to be. I have learned along the way that it benefits noone to worry. And it doesn't help me control it and since I can't, I won't.

5) what little bit of brain I have left. I feel it dwindle daily so I am feeling like begging it to stay! Please, little brain, stay around just a little bit longer! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

iphone fun

Zack recently got a new app for his iphone. We made all these fun pics of Grayson (and me- I'm George Washington!)

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sorry I have been MIA

Hi Friends! Sorry I have been MIA! I am fine, still alive and kickin'. I have been working about 30 hours a week between Target and my Friday nanny job and when I get home I am usually just dead. My usual routine is to blog in the evening but lately I have not seen the evening.

Literally. A few days ago, I went to bed at 330 for a nap. I woke up at 730 to put G to bed (Zack was home and playing with him while I napped) then I went back to bed and slept until 630 the next morning when G got back up! I am just very tired.

So blogging has taken a back seat.

I may be on the mend though. When I posted last week about throwing up, I may have posted prematurely (trying to think of something clever about premature posting but its just not coming to me!) since I have not thrown up since! What a relief. That's not to say I don't often feel like I may but I haven't. It seems now that it was from the Sushi (cali rolls not real raw fish) we had the night before, since both Zack and I were ill. Bummer I like that place too. :(

In the next few days I will update all about my job at Target, my visit with Belle in Seattle last weekend, some fun things I have been doing with Grayson and with Zack.

For now I leave you with a new pic of Grayson in his "sumo wrestler" gear.
Thanks for checking on me!

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