Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday blahs

Wednesday's are the bane of my existence lately. Today I woke up and barfed. Yeah. That was a first. Then I finished getting ready for work and went on with my day. I felt fine but tired the rest of the day. Odd. Later, about noon I took a nap and here is where it usually gets tricky. Usually I wake up feeling horrible and barf-y. Not today. Today I feel fine! Yeah!! Maybe we are turning the corner... I am 11 weeks tomorrow after all!

In other news, work at Target continues. I like it for the most part. There is still one person who drives me a lot insane but I just try to avoid her. Some times that is easier said than done, but I asked today to have more time on the floor and less time on the truck unload line. That will help.

My direct boss knows as well as a few select others that I am pregnant but not the whole team. I just don't feel like sharing. (unless they have found me online somehow then the cats outta the bag!) I had told my boss that once I got these tests back I would probably share but then I found out the quad screening I just had last week does NOT show neural tube defects. So now I am still reluctant to share again. And trust me its about the hardest thing I have ever done! I am SO NOT A SECRET KEEPER! Its always on the tip of my tongue!

And then there is the obvious! I am getting huge, well to me anyway. I can't fit in most of my pants, partially because I hate things touching my belly and partially because I am getting fat. I guess I don't expect any less, I mean I just did this 7 months ago, its not like my body has had all that much time to *forget* or get back to "normal" (whatever that is). I have gotten some occasional looks at my midsection but noone has acted directly yet...I guess its just a matter of time.

Next Wednesday is our US (Ultra sound-- Angel sorry I forgot to post that- you know that is right?) I should be able to see something though nothing is going to be as definitive as the AFP later, but I think I can take that at 15 weeks at the earliest. I just realized that is right around the corner! Holy Crap! I'm having a baby!!! oi!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! It will all work out. Love you Babe. -Hubby-

eireann said...

yay!!! yayayayayayayay!! happy dance! (re: quad screen results)