Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update on the G contest!

In case you missed this post... I will inform you that gDiapers is doing a cool new promo that lets you get 6 little g's for $70, but for a limited time only I have a code that gets you those same diapers for $40!!!

Just go to their site, put them in your cart and when you check out use this code: g628Buquet

They also launched their cloth option today so if you want even more flexibility in your g's you can get these.

I would love it if anyone who has a g product review would post one in the comments section, and if you haven't tried them, now is the time. It seriously won't get any cheaper to snatch them up! :) (that is little more than $6 and half EACH!!!)

Happy g'ing!


Miss Y said...

I'm so tempted to stock up... don't want to jinx my future though!

Anonymous said...

I cloth diapered almost full time starting when my daughter was 18 months and I used g's exclusively. I loved them and the ease of use. I used cloth in them so now that they offer gcloth you can get everything in one place. This is a FABULOUS deal on these diapers. I would also throw a couple extra liners in your cart too~ makes me almost reminiscent of pre-potty trained days....