Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stupid Wednesday and other news

So here it is Wednesday and what am I doing besides blogging? Vomiting. Every time I look at food since I woke up from a lovely 3.5 hour nap. Every Wednesday without fail! Its so frustrating. I always seem to forget that its Wednesday and then there I am hovering over the kitchen sink! (I refuse to vomit where I put my butt!) I can't figure out why its mostly Wednesdays, sometimes a weekend day but always Wednesdays. :(

In other news, I had the first trimester quad screening today. I immediately got my blood counts back online, they were all seemingly within normal ranges. Though I emailed my Aunt Sue to make sure, since she is in the medical field and my midwife is out of the office for a few days so I can't get clarification.

Fingers crossed that I do NOT get a call in the next few days. I will be on pins and needles until I know one way or another how the rest of the tests fair. I hope everything is okay with this baby. I keep telling myself that since this pregnancy is so much closer in similarity to Grayson's that it will all be ok. I was SO sick with Jonathan I just knew something was wrong. The doctor tells me its all coincidence but I think a mother knows.

Anyway, thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers or whatever it is you do. :)


Miss Y said...

I'm thinking about you, and hoping for the best for you. Sorry about the puking - maybe that is at least giving you a wonderful pregnancy glow?

Leslie said...

Greeting from Austin! I can completely relate to the 'all day' sickness. I prob mentioned more than once that I was sick my entire pregnancy and about 2 months after I had Jamie. 1000% worse than labor, in my opinion. The most natural diet plan in the world. :) Looking forward to hearing how your test results come out. Know that everyone is waiting on pins and needles too.