Sunday, March 23, 2008

Crafty Mama's Bizarre at Milagros

Saturday I spent the day at Milagros Boutique peddling my wares. Or attempting to. :)
I had a lot of interst and a lot of people taking my business cards. But alas no orders. Next time I will hopefully have enough finished diapers for people to buy and take them with them. Hopefully people will start to catch on and buy, buy buy! Anyone want to buy a diaper?

Hi Dad! :)
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Heather said...

I have done these before and it's frustrating to see no return at first but people will remember you!! It's all the first steps of getting your name out there.
After almost 2 years business is really starting to boom for me!! I almost need to hire someone to help me and at Chirstmas I ALWAYS have to hire someone!!