Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Today is Grayson's first REAL Easter. Last year I gave him a cute little bunny but all he did was chew on it- go figure. :) This year, the Easter Bunny came and delivered a fabulous basket of goodies and an Easter Mr. Potatoe head. He is cute, and smaller than the normal one so G can easily play with it. Thank you Easter Bunny.

He didn't really get it but he got that he was getting fun stuff and very quickly found the marshmellow candy that we put in the eggs. Lovely breakfast.

Later we went to Corie's for Easter Linner. (yes I said Linner) It was lovely as usual with Ham and all kinds of other goodies. Yum. Then we did an egg hunt with all the boys (hers and G) and GRayson sat and ate all his jelly beans (mother of the year award today- I am not sure he ate much real food- oh well)

Anyway, it was a great Easter even if G didn't really get it. He will next year and from then on. I remember my childhood of Easters. I always woke up so early and woke up my brother and we ran out to find our Easter baskets. It was such an egg-citing moment! I
love Easter morning.

What a wonderful day. sigh. I am content.
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Heather said...

How very special, we won the parents of the year awards by not getting our kids anything for easter. Blake asks me today when the easter bunny is coming and I told him he visited him at the church easter hunt, oh well!!