Sunday, February 14, 2010

Technical Difficulties

I know it probably looks like I have gone and dropped off the planet (again) but I really haven't. I have WANTED to blog. Unfortunately, Tuesday night I used our laptop and shut it for the night and when I went to use it again in the morning it refused to turn on.




So it is at the pc doctor and in 3 (10) weeks they will supposedly have diagnosed its issue and let us know how much it will be to fix said issue.
So now I rely on our dinosaur desktop- seriously we bought it when we were first married almost 9 years ago! It has seen better days. Some days it just refuses to join the internet. :( I think its just lazy but it could be dying of old age. If dog years are 7/1 human years, what are pc years to human years? My other option, the one I am utalizing now is Zack's work lappy. I will try to keep up with life but know that either way I am here in "spirit".

Speaking of Zack's work. It is going great! He loves it. And best of all Thursday he was offered a promotion. Already! After only 2 weeks. With a pay raise. Woohoo!
We are very excited for the future and things are looking up and up.

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