Saturday, January 9, 2010

5 days to go! {39 weeks/ 2 days} TMI WARNING!

Last night was quite an adventure. For a while I thought for sure we were going to have a baby today. I decided to try *one of the things we had already tried before* (saving the gory details- my DAD reads after all!) and not long after I was having some good contractions. Every 3-4 minutes for about 30-40 seconds to be exact.

At about 30 minutes of this I texted my friend/ neighbor Jamie, who has home birthed 2 or 3 of her 5 kiddos at home in a birth tub. I just wanted to know at what point are they considered real contractions. The obvious answer is they are real when a child is produced but since I have never gone into labor on my own I have no idea what real (no induction drugs to thank) contractions feel like or how they act.

Jamie came over to massage my (k)ankles and see if we could get them to keep going and be real labor. This is the second of these acupressure massages she has given me. And Zack also did some pressure point pressing the other night so by now my (k)ankles have a bruise or two.
By 1am they were dissipating a bit (started about 11) but not enough for me to sleep. I ended up falling asleep about 230, though between 1-230 I had fewer but very strong contractions.

I woke up to nothing.



I did lose my mucus plug or part of it today though so maybe sooner than later!

Aren't you glad this post didn't include pictures.

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