Wednesday, January 6, 2010

8 days to go! {38 weeks/ 6 days}

A few months into this pregnancy I decided to use disposable diapers because I was too sick/ tired/ lazy to wash and fold cloth. Then G potty trained except at night. Yay! All was well.

Until the leaks started.

I started using a sposie AND a gdiaper flushie inside it as added protection.
All was well. Until a few days ago when all of sudden he started leaking again.

So tonight I am back to cloth, I figure soon I will be washing newborn diapers anyway. In the photo above my poor, poor Sumo son has on a Happy Heinies pocket diaper and 3!! inserts (2 hemp and one micro) and a plastic cover for good measure!

Sweet little guy is a good sport, he ran around Sumo style for a while then asked to take it off. Of coarse I said not so much. Fingers crossed for dry sheets!

(totally forgot to post this last night! :)

Oh and he did wake up dry!
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