Friday, January 29, 2010

Guess what?!

I have been sitting on a secret. I guess after so much crap in the last year(s) we have finally started just waiting until we know things for sure before we announce. It's sad really. But thankfully I am able to announce that Zack got a job! And not just a call center to bring in a little dough while looking for something else, a real job. That he is excited about. He starts Monday!

I have begun the countdown of how long I have off before I have to go back to T. Though now it will probably be nights and weekends since I would be working solely to pay daycare otherwise. Literally. We are pretty sure the new job's hours are 6am-3pm which would be prefect for me to be able to work eves. And of coarse I will have my nanny job, at which I am supposed to start back in 3 weeks.


In other news, I am feeling better. Last I reported was our birth story when I mentioned I felt like I had been sawed in two and put back together backwards. I am feeling better. Definitely not 100% but better. I can move without holding my breath and crying out. I am trying not to overdo it. But as I am me and that is just not how I roll... I went to the grocery store yesterday.

By myself.

For a full-on-packed-cart trip.

Apparently forgetting that carts get heavy.
It was too much. I was very tired and about half way through the canned food isle I realized what an idiot I was. I felt faint.

Damn that missing blood!

I am pretty sure the bags of canned food are still sitting on the floor next to the pantry waiting for me to put them away.


Jaxon is doing great.
We went to the mother/baby nurse last Thursday to make sure all was well, as is standard Kaiser procedure. He had lost 7oz in the "hostible" (hospital) as Grayson calls it, and he was 8lbs 12 oz already!

Then this Tuesday we went to our breast feeding support group (*boob group from here on out) and I weighed him to see if my infant scale that I bought was close/the same. I plopped him on there not expecting much. Yeah! 8lbs 14 oz! Woohoo back to birth weight. Nursed him and weighed again. Another oz. But this time I did a double take... um not 8 lbs...9lbs 15 oz!!! Holy Crap fat baby Batman!

The pediatrician was very pleased today when he weighed him and got the same (Jaxon had a onsie and diaper on the other day when I weighed him- I knew it was a bit off) he commented that I grow them well or something... Mind you, our Ped is about as old as dirt and reminds me of a miniature British Herman Munster from the Munsters. He is amazing and warm and we love him. We have had him since G was 3 days old and boy am I glad I stumbled on him.

Off to go feed my baby some Mama-buttermilk! :)


Pacific Personal Training said...

Yay Jaimey. I'm so happy for you guys. Jaxon is adorable and I'm soooo jealous that you get to go back to "boob group". ;( Give Carrie my love.
Relish this time with your precious little man. Best wishes!

Leslie (in austin) said...

Jaimey! I'm just so stinkin' happy for you. That is great news.

Corie said...

Yay! That's great news! We need to get together next week and celebrate. :) The boys have no school Monday.

Kara said...

That is great news! I am so happy for you
and your family! Try to take it easy.

Sharon said...

J - dad wants to know if you forgot you supermom cape when you went shopping.