Monday, January 25, 2010

Tiny g's for a Tiny J

Recently we were given some tiny g's.
They are about the cutest thing EVER!
They can be used with flushables or with a cloth insert, which is what we are using.

They ride low, perfectly protecting "stumpy".

(and there are his cute little bird legs!)
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Heidi said...

Those are the cutest little dipes!!

The Houston's said...

They are so cute! I am planning on using gdiapers myself, but I made my own inserts. How much did he weigh in these pictures?

Jaimey said...

let me know if you get this, otherwise I will track you down and tell you this stuff. :)

He was probably about 8-9+ lbs. I didn't start them until he was 2 weeks old or so and he was WELL out of them by a month. But my children try to come out full grown so he was 8/14 at birth. He never lost much.