Friday, October 3, 2008

5 days Absence of Fear

So last night I had a very enjoyable evening with my friends Cindy and Libby. We went to a Halloween bizarre and then headed to Cheesecake factory. We spent about 3 hours at CCF talking and eating delicious food. Then we topped the evening off with Vanilla Bean and Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake. So that is why my 5 day blog is late. :) It was exactly what I needed. I have not really had a night out in weeks and girls nights are especially lovely because I can just relax and enjoy.

So this morning I woke up with Grayson and after we ate our morning OJ and some pumpkin chocolate chip bread we sat down on the couch by daddy.

I recently got an iphone when we had to switch cell phone carriers. I am not sure if I love it yet but Grayson sure does. He can always seem to get the ipod playing without turning off the lock. Defeats the purpose of the lock so I am not sure who designed that feature. So this morning he turns on the ipod and gets Jewel playing. Then he lifts up my shirt and puts it to my belly so Jonathan can listen.

The song? Absence of Fear.

Zack and I both got teary. I know he can't know, he is only 20 months old but amazingly he seems to do things like that at the right time and with the right things.


Geneva said...


Giveaway Queen said...

I found yout through a connection of people. I like to blog stalk! Anyway, I am sorry about the situation you are in. It is amazing how children just seem to do amazing things without even knowing it. I really hope that you can be comforted through all of this.

Christa said...

We go bowling for girls night once a month and your more than welcome to come any time.This Saturday will be my first time to leave Calista and go.

Jonathans Dad said...

I love you Babe.

Grayson, Jonathan and I are very lucky to have you as a Mom and wife.