Saturday, October 4, 2008

3 days to go

Today we started off our day by attempting to go to the farmers market only to be disappointed by the lack of vendors since its the last week. So after a quick 15 minute walk of that we headed to the much larger and longer going Beaverton Market. I bought some green onions, broccoli, smoked salmon jerky, peaches and orange cherry tomatoes. Then we went home and fed G so I could go to Costco while he napped.
After he woke up we decided to go to Out of this World Pizza. They are a huge warehouse with a big ceiling tall climbing gym and a few inflatables for the kids to enjoy. He had such a good time riding the plasma cars and playing on the over sized blocks.

Here is a few pics of him holding his own on the plasma cars with all the big kids. He was the littlest by far. But he has one at home so he knows how to ride it. They go so much nicer on the OoTWP floor though. :) I think we are going make a track in our garage for him like they have.

There are some people in our life who are acting very, very selfishly and to those people I say "It is SO not about you!"

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