Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Breast Feeding- Breast is best!

Many people know that I am very passionate about breast feeding and that I breast fed Grayson for just over 16 months. I had planned to BF until he was 2 but when I was pregnant with Jonathan it became very uncomfortable.

Grayson has always been a very sensitive boy and has loved having babies to carry around and love. Before he showed any interest in them Zack had mentioned he didn't want him have dolls as toys. But when he saw how interested G was and I reminded him that being nurturing is a good thing and we want G to be a good daddy someday and this is the first step, he relented. :)

Now G is on his second baby doll- his first ones head is about to fall off... I said he was nurturing but he is a boy after all and Baby is sometimes used as a baseball bat. He also has various animals he loves to lug around. "Ooh Ooh" is his favorite right now, that is the one that matches both of ours and Jonathan's. He loves Ooh Ooh and pretty much takes him everywhere and asks for him by name to go to bed (along with "Baby", "Doggie", and his blankets- he may be like his mom a bit)

So back to my point, breast feeding. I have often felt a bit of a twinge of guilt or something when I handed G a bottle to feed his babies. I guess I just feel breast is best and even boys should be taught that. I usually had an ever so brief thought of telling him to BF his baby, but figured his daddy would about have a heart attack so it was a brief thought.

Imagine my delight when yesterday morning G climbs in bed with us and unzips his jammies to nurse his Ooh Ooh. :) I laughed so hard and was so proud! I think Zack might have been a little too.


Shelly Gonzales said...

I LOVE IT!! Go Baby "G"!

Shari Ashwell said...

Victoria would do that after I had Annie. I guess they try to make sence of it all. Just be careful he doesn't try and really feed a baby... lol! Grayson, you are one cute banana :)

Heidi said...

That's great that G still remembers! Tyler used to do that when I would nurse Collin. The best is when he tried to use the breast pump on himself. He almost had it turned on. Boy would he have been in for a surprise if it had been plugged in!

1snappyfamily said...

Oh, that's AWESOME!! How adorable. I miss that kiddo already!!

Jessica said...

My little 3 year old has breastfed his baby sheep (Eli) a few times. My husband was horrified but I thought it was adorable! Grayson is a little cutie.

Pam said...

Okay, that is the cutest thing EVER!

And yes, Breast is Best!