Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jonathan's Memorial

Tonight we had Jonathan's Memorial. It was great. We had a good turnout, thank you to everyone who was able to come. It really means a lot that you were here for us. If you were unable to make it, that is obviously ok. We know you were thinking of us. :)
We had told people 3-6 and had a steady stream that whole time. We had many close friends come, some acquaintances and even Hillsboro's current mayor. Zack really does know everyone.
Jon and Christa friends of ours who lost their beautiful little girl to Anencephaly as well.

Krista, Me and Matt my former boss
Kincaid ( when I started as his nanny he was 6 and would wear no other shoe but cowboy boots) Matt, Kerry, Rodger (hiding) and Mindy
A bunch of people
Me hugging Julie- she gave us a beautiful stone for the garden.

We watched the DVD that Elle had made for us, which was amazing. The photos that Emma had taken turned out great, not that I would expect any less but I had only seen 4 so it was nice to see so many more. I guess she took almost 600 photos. It will be fun to see them all when we get the disc back from Elle. Since I was the one on the lens side of things it will be fun to see the whole night as a spectator.
The food Geneva way outdid herself on!


Steve and Jenny said...

We are so sorry we could not have made it. Steve is still not ready to be social and we were having his mom over for the weekend. It looks like you both have a great support behind you! We are thinking of you often and would love to get together soon.

1snappyfamily said...

Oh, wonderful! Looks like you guys had a great time...I'm so glad! Wish we could have been there. But I'm really glad you had so much support. We love you guys.