Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thank you!

I should also add that we had quite a few wonderful visitors during our stay at the hospital.
Thank you to Stephanie, Corie, Diana, Krista, Jamie, my mom, brother and his girlfriend, my SIL and he daughter Allie, and Grayson for visiting while I labored. Jonathan was lucky enough to get to meet my mom, brother- Jesse, SIL- Melissa, Allie, Grayson, and our friend Keith.

Our amazing photographers Emma and Tasha were with us most of Wednesday night as well and into the wee hours. We appreciate all you did. Thank you.

We also had the best staff of nurses and doctors. In order of when we met them: Susan, Dr. Steve- our perinatologist, Alicia, Dr. Wendy, Andrea, Bethany, Dr. Susie- who delivered, Toni, and my midwife who stopped in to check on my often Paula. thank you all. We really felt supported through all we went through in your care. (If I forgot you I am sorry and its not because you were not great.)

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