Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today is a day to celebrate life!

Just a quick update.

Jaimey is doing fine, she is having some good contractions and we are hopeful that we will meet Jonathan today.

Just a quick note.

Thanks for all of the well wishes and notes but please refrain for feeling "bad" or "sad" for us today.

Today is our day to celebrate, as we will meet our son (hopefully today) It may not be a long visit but we are so happy and are so excited to meet our son and celebrate his life.

I know that it is hard to know what to say at a time like this but we are very happy that Jonathan has chosen us, and we are going to enjoy every last second that we have with him.

Thanks again for all of the kind words.

When he passes feel free to give us your condolences, but until his last breath we will celebrate his life.



Anonymous said...

I NEARLY posted this same thing last night! :)

J - I am soooo excited to meet Mr. Jonathan today! I can't wait to count his ten little toes and his ten little fingers.... after all - you've been hogging this little guy and all his kicks and spins for months!:) It's going to be great to meet him after so much anticipation! I also can't wait to see him in his little blue velour outfit!
I hope you're doing great today - and I really hope the birthing process is much smoother this time around! ha ha ha
I will see you sometime today - or tonight... or in the middle of the night - hope Jonathan won't mind meeting my in my pajama's! Well- why would he? He'll only be in his birthday suit!

Lizzieborden said...

I only wish that I could have been able to be there to meet him and share your joy of meeting your child. Life is so very prescious. Kiss Jonathan for his great aunt.

1snappyfamily said...

Hey, guys! I'm writing you from your home computer....hehhee! Your house looks so beautifully shouldn't have done that-that's my job! ;-)

I couldn't agree more with your posting. Today is ABSOLUTELY a day to celebrate life....Jonathon's life! We're so excited to meet him and share this special time with you. We'll be holding down the fort here until we get your call! We love you guys so very, very much!

Mel and Al

Janet said...

Jaimey and Zack and Grayson,

How lucky Jonathan will be to be cuddled and kissed and cradled in your arms. God did choose a wonderful family who couldn't be more loving of this gift he sent. We are in awe of you and know you will make the most of every treasured second you have together.

I look forward to seeing you!