Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hospital Here We Come

So we are changing it up today. I (Zack) will take over the blog as Jaimey will be busy doing her most important job of bringing our Angel Baby Jonathan Mitchell into this world.

We arrived at the Hospital at 7:30 this morning. Although the circumstances of our visit are not the best we are getting extra special treatment from the hospital staff.

Grayson is staying with our great friend and neighbor Jamie until my sister Melissa and her daughter Allie get here from California. We are so lucky to have such a great sister coming up to visit. She will be up here for 2 weeks and will be so much help.

Thanks again to everyone for all of your kind words, prayers and love. Thank you to everyone who is traveling today and over the next 2 weeks who are coming such long distances to visit us. Thanks to everyone who has helped us so far. (Cleaning our house, offering to make meals, offering a shoulder to cry on)

We really feel blessed at such a hard time to have so much help and love shown to our family and friends.

Love Zack

Jaimey loves making this face.... I don't like it very much!


Steve and Jenny said...

Zack and Jaimey - Steve and I are thinking of you both, today especially! We have you in our prayers as well as Baby Jonathan. You are both amazing people and we know that Jonathan has been and will be loved by you and many, many others. Our thoughts are with you all! Love, Steve, Jenny, Harley and Blue

Linda Buquet said...

PRAYING it goes quickly and smoothly for you Zack and Jaimey! Helps to see you both taking it in such great spirit. You are such positive and strong people!

Thanks so much for the blog updates. It’s really going to help knowing the progress instead of just sitting here waiting.

I just sent Zack a few pages of inspirational poems that other parents have written during times like this.

Thinking Zack can maybe pick one to read to Jaimey now and then at times when they could help even a tiny bit. I may post a couple here in comments as we go along. Here is one of my favorites...

How very softly you tiptoed into my world.
Almost silently;
Only a moment you stayed.
But what an imprint your footprints
have left on our hearts.


Love you both very much!

Sending angels your way…

Love, Your Mom
& Angel Jonathan's Grandma

Geneva said...

I wish I knew some words to say that would take away even a little of the pain (physical, emotional, spiritual) that you're going through today. One of the most inspiring things I've ever seen is how you both look for and find the joy in this hard time, the way you love Jonathan unreservedly with your whole hearts. He's a lucky boy to have been sent to two people who have filled each moment of his life with love and who will continue to do so for every moment he is given. I'm thinking of you and praying for you constantly. - Geneva

Dana said...

Thoughts are with all of you during this beautiful, yet difficult time!

the mama said...

thinking of you all and i hope your time with sweet jonathan is full of peace and love.

Michael said...
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Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you! Johnathan couldn't be born to better people...I don't know you, but it is easy to see how much love you are capeable of.

Much love from Ontario.....(avoiding my work to check for updates!)

Janet said...

Hi Jaimey & Zach,

Sending you both warm thoughts and prayers for your difficult event to go without added painful length. I am looking forward to seeing you and offering love and hugs. You look amazingly wonderful Jonathan's guardian angel is there with you, too.


Christa said...

Zack- Thank you so much for all the updates. I am glued to my computer today. Our thoughts are with you!!!

Heather said...

Thanks for the Blog updates!! Praying for a fast, painless and easy labor!!

Jennifer Cook said...

You are all in my thoughts today as you get to meet Johnathan in person. Give him lots of hugs and kisses when he arrives.