Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Here we go!

Ok foalks,

The news that everyone has been waiting for.

We are getting ready to have our sweet little angel baby!

Jaimey was checked about 1 hour ago and was at 8 centimeters. We are not sure how soon we will have him but it will be w/i then next few hours if not sooner.

Obviously I will not be on the blog with updates right away as we are going to want to spend as much time with our little angel as possible, but if he is able to last for a little while I will jump on and post some updates.

Thanks again for all of the kind words and love sent our way. It is truly such a wonderful feeling to have so many people thinking about us and sending us love and prayers.

Posted by an extremely excited father of Grayson Alexander Buquet, Husband of an extremely strong and loving wife Jaimey Buquet, and soon to be father of an Angel Baby Jonathan Mitchell Buquet.

As was quoted by someone else who lost their child.

"Instead of getting feet, God gave our baby wings!"

Please pray for us now that we will get at least a few moments with our child before he is given back to heaven.


Phil said...

Our prayers are with you. It was such an honor to be able to be a part of Zack's life here in Texas. What a couple of strong and loving parents!

When we lost out daughter, we received a card that said "...planted on earth to bloom in heaven." We found most people didn't know how to express their concern or what to say. You need to pardon them when they come up with something goofy.

Just know, you two (four) are in the arms of God!

Phil Petty (& Leslie)

Lizzieborden said...

I hope that you get to spend at least a few minutes but more I hope you get to spend alot more time wih Jonathan. He is being born on Koens 10 month birthday and I believe it is a gift and I will remember both with love and think of both of them on this day forever. My prayers are with you all. Love aunt Liz

pam said...

Prayers from the Morris Family in Roswell, Ga. I love the saying about the baby wings. I know the next few hours and days will be filled with a spectrum of emotion for all of you and you will certainly be in the thoughts and prayers of many around the world. Make on of Jonathan's many kisses from those who care so deeply out here in the blog world.

Geneva said...

Sending you guys love, love and more love.

Jackie Bair said...

As much as we would all love to hear what is going on, spend as much time with your precious baby boy as you can. Don't worry about us! We will get the news when we get it!

Prayers for you all.

Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

Thanks for the new updates! I pray the rest of Jaimey's labor goes quickly, and that you both get quite a bit of time with Jonathan. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers!!

eireann said...

What an inspiration you guys are to me! I love your positivity. We are praying that you'll have so much time with Jonathon and that Grayson will get to hold and know his little brother. How lucky you guys are to get to meet your little man now! You are all in our thoughts and prayers.


Rebecca said...

God bless you, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Amy H said...

I am praying you will have some sweet sweet time with your precious son. Thanks for the update.
Much love and prayers, Amy Hickman

Angela said... angel indeed. May your moments with your baby angel be filled with comfort and peace. You will most likely be in the presence of your baby angel as well as those unseen, but FELT all around. Your strength is an inspiration to so many. THANK YOU for that. Prayers sent your way!

Dana said...

Thoughts are with all of you as you spend this joyous time with Jonathan Mitchell!

Anonymous said...

I wish you peace

Anonymous said...

I bet you are spending time with your sweet baby now! What a wonderful blessing it will be to love on your angel!

Anonymous said...

Still checking on all of you, and hoping that you will have your special moments that will be treasured forever. I am flying out tomorrow to my brother's in Hillboro and hope to talk to you soon. Sending love, thoughts and prayers as there are only one set of footprints in the sand. Allow Him to carry all of you as long as you need. Jonathan will be in good hands -- the earthly love of his parents and brother and all the family and friends with you right now. He will be with Him in fully in Paradise.
I look forward to seeing you,too!