Monday, October 27, 2008

Second Annual Halloween Parade

When we first moved into our new neighborhood last summer we met a lot of great people and families. When fall rolled around one of those friends, Cindy mentioned wanting to do a Halloween Parade. So she threw it together and we all went marching around the neighborhood in our costumes. I was a barrel of Monkeys, Grayson was a Monkey and Zack was (wait for it.....drum roll please) a banana. :)

This year with all that has happened with Jonathan I just didn't feel like dedicating the time, money and energy much less the brain power to finding us all matching costumes. So we only dressed up Grayson. We had a ton of people turn out for this years Parade though which was nice. Last year we were knocking on doors as we went trying to get more kiddos out in costume.

After we walk the neighborhood with our costumes and instruments we meet at the park for apple cider and donut holes. Cause no Halloween is complete without donut holes.

I just liked her costume- she is so cute!

Zack throwing Grayson- G loves it!

Our friend Libby- she is horny ;P

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