Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our delivery part 2

Finally I took a nap. Later that afternoon (Wednesday) I was dilated to 10 YEAH! I had finally gotten there. I was elated. I felt like nothing could stop me from having my Vbac now. It was such a high. Now I just wanted to meet my baby and I was getting impatient....

I was checked quite a few times after that only to hear that he was still not engaged enough to push, that his bag of water was in the way. We had elected to not rupture the placenta because I read online that with Anencephaly there is a higher risk of demise in utero if you pop the bag of water unnaturally. I theorize that it is because it puts too much pressure on their heads and since Jonathan was breech it would matter little but we still felt more comfortable not rupturing it. So I sat there for 5 or so hours trying to get him engaged.

They finally put me on Pitosin, but only up to #4 (With Grayson, a full Pit induction I was up to #40 the highest...) to try and get him pushed further in. I would feel pressure and then it would dissipate as he backed out of engagement after each contraction. Finally around 2 am, I felt a lot of pressure. The current on call Dr. came in (my Dr. is Jewish and had to leave for fasting) who was amazing, Dr. Lim and she said even though nothing seemed to have changed, if I felt like pushing I was fine to do so. So she got ready and in position.

Somewhere in this time, the lovely epidural that I had been on had started beeping. From the beginning it was almost entirely on my left side. I could do the can-can with my right leg but could not even move my left. I kept trying to roll onto the right to get it to even out and it would for a minute but the second I rolled flat again it was back to wonky. So when it started beeping, the anesthesiologist was called and while we all thought she was fixing it, I was a little surprised to find that my button to dose myself was not working when I pushed it just before actually having him. I called Zack to figure out what was wrong and he says "Where is it?" When I turned around it was gone.

So now I realize everything I am feeling I will continue to feel. I feel another contraction coming and as Zack starts to count I start to push. HERE IS THE NICE FLUFFY NOT GROSS ENDING- After a few more pushes he was out. In total I pushed for 30-40 minutes, probably about 10 sets of 3. It was an amazing and easy delivery.


Toward the beginning I was asked if I wanted to have a mirror and I had said no. But as I progressed and everyone was seeing what I couldn't I got more curious. The water bag was coming first, as we knew it would, and it was really cool. Everyone kept saying it was cool looking, so finally right before the end I relented and asked for the mirror. Just as nurse Bethany got it set up I looked up and see this hand go by. I almost screamed. It was the most amazing thing I have ever had the pleasure to witness. No one else saw it but me. It was like he was waving at just me.

Then I just gave it my everything, I was determined to get him out. I think I pushed two more big pushed and the water bag started to come out, then ruptured and went flooding everywhere. In a blob I see Jonathan rush by and land either on the bed right below me or in the Dr.'s hands though I can't be sure. He was immediately clipped and his umbilical cord cut and put on my chest in a towel.

Amazingly he came out breathing, there was only basic cleaning of his nostrils. He never cried or really moved. But we expected that. It just takes so much effort for movement out side of the womb. He was weightless in utero and I am thankful that he had the feeling of movement. I don't think he had sight but he opened his eyes. At first we didn't bother with a diaper, because it was unlikely that he would have a bowel movement, but after we got a little wet when he piddled we put the tiniest diaper I have ever seen on him.

We spent the next 2 hours and 50 minutes holding and kissing and cuddling our amazing little boy. It was hard to tell if he was breathing or not so we kept listening for his heartbeat until he didn't have one anymore. And then we held and kissed and loved him even more.

Finally we slept. And when I woke up I wanted to hold him more. I knew this would be all I got so I tried to hold him as much as possible. My friends Diana and Corie both came to visit and held him as well. Zack was in and out getting food and going for a walk in this time. But when I wasn't holding Jonathan he was.

He will forever leave his tiny footprints on our hearts. This I am sure. Thanks for coming to us Jonathan Mitchell Buquet. We are forever grateful. I love you~ Mommy.


The Wolfe Family said...

This was a wonderful story Jaimey, thank you thank you thank you so much for sharing...I've been reading every step and I think you are an amazing woman to share your experience!

Geneva said...

What an amazing story - I'm so thrilled that you were able to have your vbac and that you were given time with your sweet boy. Knowing now that you ended up spending quite a bit of time waiting, I wish I'd come up to see you in the hospital - phooey!

Clay Perry said...

a very touching, moving saga..