Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This year we went to our local strip mall with some neighborhood friends for trick or treating. It was a mad house but Grayson had a blast.
Grayson getting his very first Trick or Treated piece of candy at the AT&T store. :)
Grayson in his Pumpkin costume
Grayson and some of our friends kiddos

We also went to a photo studio for a quick "photo treating". It was fun and I can't wait to see what photos come out of it. We planned on going trick or treating in our neighborhood too but it was too late and G was too tired by the time we got home from the photo studio.

I can't believe how big my little boy is getting! Last year we dressed him up as a little monkey and put him on people doorsteps and hid from sight. He was barely crawling so he just sat there. Our friends and some strangers just loved it. This year he is running from store to store to get his loot! Sigh- how quickly it goes!


Geneva said...

It DOES go SOOOOO fast. I couldn't believe how quickly Jimmy picked up the trick or treat concept, and comparing the photos from last year to the ones from this year made me both proud and a little sad. I love seeing Jimmy grow and develop...but he was such a sweet baby too! ;) Is that neurotic of me?

eireann said...

he is too cute! i love that his little candy-collecting satchel matches his costume. i loved your family of monkeys costumes from last year too, that is so insanely creative.