Monday, November 17, 2008

Nathan's Story

I was recently forwarded a link to someone's blog/ story. Nathan's Story. Nathan's parents, Jen and Rick were going along blissfully pregnant with their 4th child when one day just a short of delivery Jen realized she had not felt her dear son move. They went to the hospital only to discover that there little boy no longer had a heart beat. Jen went into labor later that day and delivered their son, still. Their story is very touching and recounted by dad, Rick. I urge all to read it and send them comforting words that you all so graciously shared with me.

Its intersting sometimes looking back on the last few months of our lives. Jonathan is so much on the forefront of my brain and yet it all seems like a dream. Then I read something like Nathan's story and it all comes crashing back in full force. I still have good days and bad days. I still have sad times where I realize that this IS my life and no amount of waking up or cold showers is going to make it go away.

My child died.

My child died!

I don't know how many times I will have to repeat that to myself before I really own the thoughts that stir around in my head. I just don't know.

Here are some more pics from Jonathan's delivery- I can't keep them to myself. :)

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1snappyfamily said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Karen said...

I have thought about your strength so often in past few weeks. You and your family are truly inspiring.

Beautiful photos.

Amy H said...

Beautiful and precious pictures, Jaimey. I will have to go and read Nathan's story.

eireann said...

those photos are so beautiful, thank you for sharing. i especially like the one with your rings. it is amazing to think how teeny his little feet were too, that they fit into zach's ring with room to spare.

Marlyn said...

The photos are so beautiful.

Your grace through all this is even more so. You know I am not a religious person , but somehow the "universe" knew what it was doing when this chapter of your life was written. Your strength and spirit cast a bright glow on all those that know you.

Jonathan lives in my heart.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the last one with the wedding rings! Beautiful!

Nancy said...

These pictures as beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time! But these are the moments no one could take away from you! Think about those hours you had w/ your son when you are hurting and then turn your head towards the sky and talk to him and just think that he is sitting next ot GOD watching over your entire family. Continue to keep strong!

mcbetty said...

Such beautiful perfectly formed toes. Imagine him dancing.