Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hillsboro, Or- Home sweet Home!

It's funny how many times I have felt like tour guide in the last year. We have had a lot of out of town visitors that have never been here before. So today I set out again to show Belle our lovely little town- sadly in the rain. I drove all around Hillsboro, showing her our old house and neighborhood and telling her stories about the people who live behind the windows there. I love driving down our old street and waving to old friends. Then we went to The Venetian for lunch. I had the best Chicken Salad Sandwich and Belle had a lovely Greek Pizza. They were both delicious!

When Belle planned her visit last week she asked if there was any fall color on the trees, and while there is I was not sure it would last long. Luckily for us, Mother Nature was kind and held some of the leaves on the trees for us so Belle could see some fall color. I love this house right down the street from us. I have been meaning to take a pic of it so today I did just that. :)

Then we went home for Grayson's nap and we took the rest of the afternoon to relax and gather snacks and dinner parts at the grocery store. I made a yummy Italian chicken dinner with smashed potatoes and roasted vegis.

It is really fun to see G take to Belle so quickly. He just adores her! That makes two of us!


Heidi said...

I'm glad good ol' Hillsboro was able to show Belle a good time!

Marlyn said...

I'm so glad you having a lovely visit with your dear friend! Enjoy!