Monday, November 24, 2008

Fat off!

My friend and neighbor Jamie and I decided we were both tired of our fat asses so instead of continuing to sit around eating junk food while complaining to each other about our weight we decided to hold each other accountable and get moving. Today is our official start day and until this evening when I sat down with a lovely glass of red and some good and plenty's (not sure how they go together but its workin!) I was doing really well.

I worked out at the gym. I did a Pump class, which really truly kicked my ars! My friend Libby, who has been consistantly doing this class for 9 months said it was hard. Great! Fabulous! Nice day for me to start back after 6 months of not working out.

I was doing good for a while when I was pregnant with Jonathan but the bigger I got the less I wanted to go (anywhere!) because I just didn't want to talk about it with people I didn't know. So I quite going. At all. And now I am fat(er). It's amazing we have children at all, since they ruin our bodies so. Grrr. But I guess its for a good cause.

Anyway, I even took Grayson swimming, in a /gasp/ a bathing suit! after class. It was kind of his payback for leaving him crying in child care. Poor kid, he hasn't been left with anyone he isn't pretty close to in 6 months either. He recovered quickly and I had to prod him and bribe him with swimming to get him to leave.

My plan is to do pump twice a week and hopefully do my elliptical at home 2-3 times a week. I would like to get to the gym a few other times a week for yoga too but I have to see how the rest of the plan goes first before I add more in.

Wish me luck. I am never very good at keeping the workouts going long term. I either get sick or pregnant or something and then I am off my routine again until my ars reminds me that its time again to jump back on....

Hopefully this time I will at least lose some of the weight from GRAYSON! before I get pregnant again! Fingers (and toes) are crossed.


Christa said...

I'll work out with you any time. I'd love to try your PUMP class...

Janet Phillips said...

they have a great class at hawthorn athletic...NIA...if your looking for another class to take i highly recomend it. you forget you exercising when doing nia. i take classes from the teacher at another gym.

Amy H said...

Good for you, Jaimey! Glad Grayson recovered so quickly in the day care. That's a good sign!
Accountability has really helped me get motivated to exercise. Because I have like NO motivation to do it! But now I am in this accountability group. We have to pay $2 a day for every day (five a week) that we don't do something. For whatever reason, that has really motivated me and so far I have only missed 4 days in 12 weeks!
Did you take any measurements before you started? It might be encouraging for you later when you start seeing results. I didn't take any measurements but wish I did because I can see results in the mirror!