Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sorry Charlie!

This is our pantry, that Grayson gets into constantly.
In his defense I do have his snacks at his level so he can get them when its time.
But its not always time.
So I "idea-lifted" this great idea from my friend Geneva. She is one of the most ingenuitive people I know! This is such a great idea! It works great, cost me NO money cause I had everything and is easy to use and take off when we are done using it.

Its simply 2 (3M) sticky wall hooks and a hair tie. If you are not familiar with 3M sticky wall hooks I highly recommend them! They have a double sided sicker on the back that comes off without leaving a mark on your wall, door or whatever you stick it to. I have used these for years since I discovered them and have never had them mar something.
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1snappyfamily said...

NICE!! That is an awesome idea! I may have to "lift" that one as well... ;-)

Geneva said...

You're welcome ;)

Heidi said...

Great idea! I put a flip plate on mine and will just have to fill the holes.