Saturday, October 2, 2010

What to do?

What to do?
With ALL THAT artwork my son makes?!

I recently set up an art center in our family room.
I found the cubes on the side of the road one day with a free sign. :) They spoke to me and so in the car they went! There is 3 more in my entry closet with shoes and such in them.

Grayson loves that he has access to "all" of his art supplies and can get them and put them away easily. Mommy loves that he doesn't have access to "all" of his art supplies just a few of all of the kinds I have hidden away in the locked cabinet in the playroom and that he can get them and put them away him self. I love that he is very independent.

Preschool has only helped to reaffirm how independent he is. He loves showing off his drawings and projects and using different mediums to create. I have a stack of lovely photos to prove it. I obviously can't keep everything. I try to take photos of all of my favorites so I can keep them forever, just digitally. And today I cut up some 12 x12 card stock from the long ago forgotten art of scrapbooking and then cut up his works of art and made cards. If you give a gift in the next year (or 5) you may be getting a Thank you card like these.

For those who want to know exactly how: I cut the card stock in 3 (folded in half they were 4 x 6) then cut the art work 3 3/4" x 5 3/4" used a glue stick and stick it on. I tried to cut out the best bits and saved any larger white bits for use later.

OH! And a nice little pat on my back... I was asked yesterday if I would be okay being on the substitute teach list for the "just in case" event that the teacher can't teach our class one day. They pick three. Usually it is people who have been in the school for a year or two. I almost peed a little with anxiety of leading 18 3-5 year old for 3 hours but I agreed, on the condition that I be called LAST until I settle in a bit better! Anyway, YAY me!

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Heidi said...

I'm impressed with your bravery! I would be so worried that Jax would get into all that stuff.