Wednesday, October 13, 2010

PILA Month day 13

Day 13 - a fictional book that is meaningful to you since your loss.

I picked up Jodi Picoult novels not long after we lost Jonathan. Some were harder to read than others. All of her stories are about "real" people and the choices they make in their lives. They have to choose between the best friend that accidentally killed their child or honoring the child that is gone. Or having another child to create a ready-made donor for your existing sick and dying child. Never easy choices. Never cut and dry.

I identified with them, though the stories were not the same because with Jonathan we had to choose. When we found out at 17 weeks that something was wrong with Jonathan and the next day what was wrong, we had to decide. To terminate or to carry. Everyone faced with choices of this nature think they have all the answers before the question is asked and then you get there and the answer is just not as clear cut as you once though it to be.

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