Friday, October 8, 2010

PILA Month day 8

Day 8 - a photo that makes you angry/sad.

I love this photo of me, and yet it is bittersweet. I had this photo taken when I went to the photographers studio to pick up the disk of Jonathan's only and last photos. Weeks after it was promised. I went to get the disk. I had my photo taken because it would have been a wasted trip other wise.

She "forgot" the disk. (actually, she later accidentally slipped that she had never even burned it)

I had this photo taken and a few cute-ish ones of Grayson. I ended up having to PAY to have this photo taken. $25 because it was supposed to be to for charity if you showed up for the event at the studio.

Again to get a forgotten disk was the only reason I was there...

I was supposed to get a 5x7 print for my money. I emailed the photographer numerous times to get my photo after I was told I had to pay because I showed up that night.


I my emails were mostly never returned.

My check was cashed- QUICK.

I finally got a hold of her and told her I wanted a 5x7 of THIS photo, not the ones of G, they were cute but I LOVE this photo. I got TWO in the mail MONTHS later of G, with a note saying how sorry she was for the wait. (18 months?!) and here was two for my trouble...

Of the WRONG photo. I still, 2 years in a few weeks, have not gotten this one. I lifted it from her website when I had the chance because sadly I knew this would happen. I am not going to slander her but I would never use her again. Or recommend her. Sad really, she could be good.

Just horrible customer service and business skills.

I did get the disk, eventually. The day OF my babies memorial after my dear friend who was supposed to have done the photos to begin with (she was shooting a wedding out of state when I planned the induction and I didn't realize until too late) went TWICE to try and coax a disk from the photographer. My friend still had to edit them all and turn them into a slide show for the memorial.

So ya, that photo makes me Angry and Sad. But I'm not bitter...

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