Saturday, October 9, 2010

LakeView Farms

It's Lake View farms season! I can't believe it is already October!
We decided to attempt to go to the pumpkin patch with some friends today.
It was spitting raining fairly steadily most of the night and morning. It held back most of the time we were there, content just to keep up damp. Or in my case, make my glasses foggy. Joy.

We braved it anyway.
The boys in the "centipede"

A and Grayson as like two pigs in a sty?

The Buquet family strikes a dorky pose. :)

This is Jaxon's new "shy" look. He often does it when people he doesn't know talk to him. Many times he will duck his head totally down and hide his head under an arm.

That one is a little better.

Riding the train to get to the punkies. We rode the boat back.

Apparently Jax was hungry!

photos by Shelly B., Zack or I.

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