Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PILA Month day 26

Day 26 - your week, in great detail

Ooooh! This should be fun.... or not. :)

Yesterday Sunday: wake early (630) with Jax after having already been up twice, not that I am complaining, feed, play. 930-130 work the children's consignment sale so I could shop at the presale last week. Supposed to have family pics but we got rained out. Head home to clean and play with the boys. 630/7 boys to bed. Start evening projects: working on cloth diaper gift baskets for the preschool auction. (email me at if you are interested in coming or bidding on anything! It helps keep our school running) I offered to make 3! baskets with 2 cloth diapers, 10 wipes, a wetbag and a gift certificate for 2 more diapers.

Me to bed, 1130/12.

Jax is up 3x in the night/morning, 10, 4, 6. He might be working on more teethers....

Monday: wake with the kiddos 730. Coffee!!, feed, eat, coffee! Preschool 9-12. Errands, Jax nap and work on diapers while asleep. Pick up G. Help auction chair get a glass table top donation to her home, my car is bigger. Lunch at home. G work on art projects while I attempt to get Jax down for a nap. Make dinner in the crock pot. Cloth diaper party 3-5 (like a tupperware home party but cloth diapers.) Home, feed/eat. Zack home play with kiddos. 630/7 boys to bed. Clean kitchen. Mom calls to remind me I said I would pick up a desk she bought and drop it off. (forgot!) Stop by $ tree to get baskets for diapers and find out debit card I activated today doesn't work. grrrr.

Home to work on diapers and folding my own so my baby has a clean bum tomorrow. Diapers finished except for snaps on the tabs! YAY!

bed tonight 12.

Tuesday plan: wake, eat, COFFEE! 10-11 Boob group for bf advice and Halloween party. 1130 Jax has his 9 month apt. After that: lunch, play, attempt to clean something (it's a bit like trying to shovel snow while it's still snowing.) Make dinner, play, clean something. 7-9 parent teacher training for preschool. Wish on stars as I leave that Jax is semi kind to his father and doesn't scream too long while I am gone. Come home, put snaps on diapers. Make two wet bags.

Bed hopefully by 11.

Wednesday: preschool 9-12. Nothing else planned which really means there is a LOT of room for chaos. :) Get home and work on wipes for diaper baskets.

Thursday: 930 meet with friends for walk at the library if it isn't pouring. 11 library to swap out books. Possibly out of this world pizza for lunch. pm: work on diaper baskets etc.

Friday: Diaper baskets DUE! Hopefully they are finished. preschool 9-12. Trick or treating at the mall 3-5. Harvest party 6-9

Saturday: attempt failed photos at 130. Halloween party with kids 4-530. Halloween party sans kids 6-...

Sunday: neighbors get together for games and spooky fun then trick or treating around 5? 630-930 harvest party at another friends church.

Somewhere in there I plan to feed us all, bath us all and clean things... though judging from the usual laundry mountain (which is DONE right now!!) I usually suck at that by about mid week. Happy Halloween week!

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