Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yeah a SNOW DAY!

We hardly ever get any good snow. The few times a year it gets cold enough in little ol' Hillsboro it rarely sticks long enough to really play in. But this weekend is the start of one of the coldest times here in 10 years- or so they say. We got a few inches and it is supposed to stick around for a few days. As soon as Grayson got up and had his snack we got all bundled up and headed over to the park down the street. It was gorgeous, a true winter wonderland!
Here are some of the pictures I got.

Here is the hill we sledded down. I went right into a dried up blackberry patch and got some thorns in my bum.


Zack being burried in the snow. Grayson kept putting it on his face.

Grayson sleding by himself- he was less than amused.

Grayson and Mommy all bundled up.
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Anonymous said...

I love the family pictures Jaimey. That should be you xmas card. :) WooHoo Snow!!!!!!


garbonzo said...

What a great time! We are bundled up enjoying the snow day too!

Amy H said...

Looks like you had fun. I'm guessing that is Rood Bridge park? What a great place to sled!

Jaimey said...

Corie- thanks! It turned out ok, one of the few.

Garbonzo- Ya it was! Glad you enjoyed it too!

Amy- it was! Yes its RBP, the hill right as you come in by the circle.